The Destructive Dragons
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Item #: SCP-4106

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Scp-4106-1 and Scp-4106-2 are to be kept separate at all times. Scp-4106-1 must be kept in the Biological Research and Development site 14 and stored in the cryogenics wing of the institute, SCP-4106-1 has a thermal property with its tissue and must be kept in temperatures of negative 80º C or lower to slow metabolic rates of creature. SCP-4106-1 will be stored in a titanium plated room that is 50mx20mx60m with a primary entrance door situated directly in front of containment restraints of SCP-4106-1 and an observation window placed above the entrance.

SCP-4106-2 must be kept inside a 10mx10mx10m containment cell made of crystals from retrieval location of SCP-4106-2. Inside the containment cell of SCP-4106-2 the perimeter floor must be charged with 600,000 volts at 5 amps. SCP-4106-2 must be kept in Biological Research and Development site 3. If SCP-4106-2 is to escape its confinement all personal are you be set on high alert and a lock down of Biological Research and Development site 14 must occur in less than 1 hour.

All staff that monitor SCP-4106-2 must wear heart monitors so as to locate victims of SCP-4106-2’s shapeshifting properties. If SCP-4106-2 is to kill a member of staff, researcher, D-class or other, they must be found and put into the same confinement of SCP-4106-2 immediately without any allowance of their pleas or requests.

If in the unlikely event that SCP-4106-1 and SCP-4106-2 do get together, all nearby inhabited locations are to be evacuated and inhabitants protected as they leave. To minimize collateral damage, capture teams are to be released to re capture the escaped SCP-4106-1. SCP-4106-2 is easier to contain as it is flightless but SCP-4106-1 has proven difficult due to its sheer size as well as speed in the air with its wings. To try and delay SCP-4106-1’s destruction tests are being implemented to set up dummy towns in its release area (see Addendum 3106-A).

Description: SCP-4106 is a genius of aero reptilians. SCP-4106-1 is the only fully airborne version of the species while SCP-4106-2 has small developmental wings. SCP-4106 are large with SCP-4106-1 at a height 50 m, SCP-4106-2 on the other hand is much smaller, at only 25m. Both SCP’s display similar properties but SCP-4106-1 is the only documented female to be known and SCP-4106-2 is the only documented male.

SCP-4106-1 has large muscular limbs as well as being an albino it helps in recapture and containment. SCP-4106-1’s head is vaguely tyrannosaurid style skull with the teeth within its mouth protruding outward at odd angles. SCP-4106-1 has four primary limbs that are muscular and able to support its weight while on the ground or climbing. SCP-4106-1 has two sets of wings that allow it to travel at speeds of ███ km/h while in flight. SCP-4106-1 has numerous horns that are displaced around the head and on some locations of the torso. SCP-4106-1 has a singular muscular tail that allows for stability while running and flight. It has been observed that SCP-4106-1 is able to easily bend and break reinforced concrete and steel restraints.

SCP-4106-2 has a less muscular body than SCP-4106-1, instead of having brute strength of SCP-4106-2 is much more intelligent and has been observed studying the foundations security measures. SCP-4106-2 has instead of two sets of wings has three pairs of legs. It’s head is much more streamlined and the whole body is multicoloured instead of albino like SCP-4106-1. Along the sides of the head SCP-4106-2 has crest like fins instead of horns. The wings of SCP-4106-2 have devolved into similar finned crests, possibly due to the location it was found in (See Addendum 3106-C). SCP-4106-2 has a split duo tail allowing it to use it as a second appendage instead of a balance like SCP-4106-1.

SCP-4106-1 has displayed the ability to produce in it’s mouth a plasma-like substance that has been seen melting the restraints that hold it, as well as the containment cell. Temperatures of the plasma have been noted at above ██ ºC. SCP-4106-2 however, is devoid of this ability, but has the ability to metamorph into the victims it has claimed with access to their memories and full biological changes. SCP-4106-2 has also shown ability to shed it's skin to such a degree that the Foundation could not tell that SCP-4106-2 had escaped it's confinement.

Both cases of SCP-4106 have the unique ability to communicate with researchers through telepathic means. So far all that has been gathered from exchanges with SCP-4106-1 and SCP-4106-2 have gathered that they use this ability to communicate with each other and humans and not used to mind information or manipulate people (see Addendum 3106-D).

There was a case where SCP-4106-1 produced offspring. SCP-4106-1 was able to produce a clutch of █ eggs. The eggs must be produced by the contact from SCP-4106-1 and SCP-4106-2 which is still unknown as to how it works. The eggs have been stored in cryogenic storage so as to help identify the growth cycle of SCP-4106.

Both SCP-4106-1 and SCP-4106-2 have the unique ability to create what seems like hibernation nests. SCP-4106-2 is the more active of the two spending more time outside its hibernation while SCP-4106-1 lives a majority of its time in this state. The closest equivalent to the nests of SCP-4106 is that of the Hirundinidae. So far there have been 10 cases of SCP-4106-1 awakening from it’s hibernation, █ out of the 10 awakenings have lead to escape of the facility and of damage to the neighbouring facilities (see Addendum 4106-E). When SCP-4106-1 has been near or awakening from it’s hibernation it has been observed that many staff will start to become panicked and enraged, many staff that have positive psychological backgrounds are not nearly as affected as those that have bad history of violent and irrational behaviour. SCP-4106-1 also has the ability to cause a hunter's moon when it has emerged from hibernation giving a good early warning system to it’s behaviour. SCP-4106-2 has been difficult to maintain as it does have its shapeshifting abilities which make it impossible to locate until it has revealed its regular body, the only cases of this happening are during its time with SCP-4106-1.

Addendum 4106-A: Plans for new containment breach protocol.

Addendum 4106-B: Capture report of SCP-4106-1.

Addendum 4106-C:

Addendum 4106-D:

Addendum 4106-D:

SCP-4106 have caused the Foundation a large amount of money due to damages and due to the fact that we need to either find a way to permanently put SCP-4106-1 in hibernation or terminate both of them. SCP-4106-1 has powerful possibilities but the amount of damages that it causes to the facility is difficult to weigh out. Unfortunately there seems to be more trouble with termination of SCP-4106-1 as it has superior hide that not only melts skin or weaponry also is resilient to most heavy weapons ordinances. We must find the best solution to this problem as soon as possible so long as to keep Foundation a mystery to civilians.

-Site Director ███████.