SCP 5863 The two sisters

SCP 5863

Object Class Euclid

Specific Containment Procedures
SCP 5863-A and SCP 5863-B are to be contained in a specific sound proof room styled as a children's bedroom at site 19.When in contact with the creatures D class and site personnel are to wear notice canceling ear protectors and are to make no sudden movements as it could startle SCP 5863-A and SCP 5863-B. When in the case of transport the SCPs are to be heavily sedated and transported in a heavily sound proof box to their new location.

SCP 5863-A and SCP 5863-B were the product of radiation mutation from the chernobyl disaster they were born to a poor family in Ukraine the children possess the power to create a scream with such a high pitch that it would explode the brains of anyone in a 40 meter radius the two sisters terminated their whole village at the age of five after one of the girls was approached by another child which struck her in the face. The SCPs are seen to be playing between the two of them and single nursery rhymes. SCP 5863-A is seen to be wearing a blood soaked flowery dress and SCP 5863-B wears a red t-shirt(the colour of red is inconsistent so it is not sure if the colour is blood) and jeans and constantly holds a scruffy Teddy bear which seems to be in bad shape only having one button for an eye but seems to have some significance to how SCP 5863-B acts.