Dr. Vex's Personnel File

Name: Dr. Vex, Vex.

Security Clearance Level: Level 5 (as of ██-██-19██)

Current Profession(s): Researcher, Scientist

Location: Site-██


History: Dr. Vex was a failed SCP that was made to contact strong beings like SCP-001 and SCP-5000-J. Dr. Bright, Dr.████, and Dr. ████ saw that Dr. Vex was incredibly smart and strong so they used him as personnel. Dr. Vex holds the record for being given the highest security clearance level on their first day of the job. Dr. Vex was given a level 4 clearance level. When Dr. Vex was given level 5 clearance in 19██, personnel were outraged, they almost caused a riot, and only a few are still pissed off about this.

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