Students' Nightmare

Item #: SCP-████

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-████ is to be plugged into a standard 120 Volt receptacle and connected to the internet with a broadband speed of 5-25 Mbps. Seeing as how SCP-4314 poses no threat, a standard room with a chair and table is all that is necessary.

Any personnel Level 1 and above are allowed to issue tests on SCP-████ since it is incapable of causing any major harm. Therefore, testing does not require D-Class.

Description: SCP-4314 is what appears to be a I██ PC XT 5160 personal desktop computer, though no company logo can be found anywhere on the computer.

When any form of documentation is recorded using SCP-████, whether it be documentation using online software or the computer hardware, when left unattended for more than a minute, all traces of the documentation disappear.