Dr Voidsun's Personnel File

Name: Henry Voidsun
Security Clearance Level:1
Professions: Chemist, Surgeon, Doctor.
Location: Site-179


Dr. Voidsun.

Profile: Dr. Voidsun, being a relatively new addition to the SCP Foundation's staff is a name only despised in certain sites in the foundation itself. Mainly because of his past reputation as an apparent medical assistant at Site-179. Dr. Voidsun is also very clumsy whilst still retaining to appear negative or aggressive towards any signs of D-class personnel.

A strange religious connection was formed in Dr. Voidsun when returning to the foundation after months of being absorbed in a cult know as the "Followers of the Voidsun" (Which is where his name was given). He has since been able to summon "tentacles" from any liquid source in his sight.
Other interpretations of Dr. Voidsun (According to other personnel) include obnoxious, clumsy, perverted, gross, psychotic, lazy, smart, creative, naive, grumpy, and curious.

One of Dr. Voidsun's cons is that he seems to make lots of unworthy mistakes. Misplacing important SCP documents, causing breachs, etc.

Dr Voidsun has made a home in an empty containment chamber in Site-179. Personnel are assigned to deliver him Kool Aid branded fruit punch everyday at 10:00 AM.

NOTE: Dr. Voidsun must NEVER come in contact with acidic properties as [DATA EXPUNGED] could occur. -Dr Cosmo 8/11/19

NOTE: Dr. Voidsun cannot use SCP-███ to look inside female D-class's uniforms. -Dr. Dott 8/15/19

History: Dr. Voidsun was applied for employment on 3/2/██ after receiving many degrees in medical science and terminology. The Foundation's attention towards Voidsun was when he went missing after his entire team on the GOC were killed in a violent war with an anomalous beast known as the "Reality Guin" in 19██. Attempts at contact with him after looking for possible job openings because he came back as a new man. The only chance he could get at becoming successful was applying for a researcher level at the foundation. Often being picked on by D-class because he made more mistakes then them; despite being in a better rank. Dr. Voidsun's first incident was involved in a containment breach on Site-54. The breach caused Agent Jorge to remain unconscious. Dr. Voidsun managed to drag Agent Jorge to a safe place and fix his wounds. He was then promoted to an official "Medical Assistant" (later to become a surgeon and chemist aswell); with the exception of being later stationed at Site-179. His alchemy expertise has also increased upon being immune to any acidic property.
More autopsies on anomalous properties were performed by Voidsun after being classified as an official personnel at the foundation.


Dr. Voidsun (Seated in closest chair) with researchers Martin ████ and James █████. 6/7/19██.

Interviews and Experiment Logs

Name: Henry Voidsun
Message: I officially HATE D-class. Anytime I see one I'm gonna fuckin' cover him in acid. -Dr Voidsun 8/29/19.

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