Dr Wicker - Radio SCP Idea
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Item #: SCP-3829

Object Class: SAFE

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-3829 is to be locked in a 6x4 foot chamber and rested on a coffee table with a near perfection of being in the middle. Due to the SCP's minor effects L-2 Researchers and above are allowed to test the SCP.

A radio that activates to play a random song regardless of time period of song and length, said songs are played at the exact times of 6 AM and 6 PM regardless of status of battery life. The radio only begins to manipulate the mind when you are within 24 feet of it and it is playing the song regardless of how far it is into the song, when someone is in the radius it will begin to shut the body down yet keep it in a stasis like state. And as the body shuts down the mind thinks about a creature to go with the song, and when the body has successfully shut down it transform into said creature with a ranging nature of a base peace or a base hostility towards all life. These creatures are to be now designated as SCP-3829-1. All SCP-3829 are to be contained to the best of ability, if unable to be contained, it will be attempted to tranquilize. As the song ends the creature's body begins to "wake up" and begin acting like it would in the mind. The effect normally lasts a range of 2-3 days, as the time ends the body shuts down and it transforms back to normal, and the person without recognition of what happened. If the SCP is about to play a song it already played that month it will not play that time and await the new time with a new song. Breaking the radio will result in a new radio dawning the effects of the previous radio, regardless of type of radio. No attempts to repair the already broken radio may be made as to not risk two songs playing at once with unknown consequences. If someone is put to the song towards its end, the creature will be mostly non-textured depending on how close the song was to ending.