Dr Witting


Object Class: Thaumiel(?)

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be treated as any other researcher the same clearance as him, save he must have two sleeping quarters and two researching quarter which he must switch between bi-weekly to prevent his anomalous effects from manifesting. Do Not, and this is an order from the O5 counsel, do not do anything that may scare or enrage SCP-XXXX. One flying laser-eyed man-eating jack-in-the-box is one too many. Dr Witting shall get a pay twice that of an employee the same clearance as him. Also, whatever request he make whether they be SCP related or not shall be granted immediately, regardless if said request will normally require clearance from other employees. SCP-XXXX will now get the same as or less than the average pay of a researcher the same clearance as him. Obviously SCP-XXXX will need the necessary clearance for interacting with any SCP, and all requests whether they be SCP related or not will be dealt with accordingly. For future references(If it wasn't obvious), don't edit your own containment procedures.
- O5-7

Description: SCP-XXXX, or Dr. Witting, appears to be a normal Human teen seventeen years in age. Subject is half Japanese and half American, and is fluent in both languages. All eight of his fingers and both thumbs on his hand have been cut off/amputated/nibbled off on many occasions and all of his fingers (+ two thumbs) are now bionic, with various tools implemented within them; the full list of cause for loss of finger and tool implemented are seen below, in chronological order.

  • Right Index: Nibbled off by SCP-524, aka Walter. Tool implemented is a pen, ink can be refilled via a small valve located in the middle of the first joint using a syringe. Notes - It hurt a lot when it was bitten off, but a pen finger's much more useful then you'd expect. -Dr Witting
  • Left Pinky(It technically got cut off first): Cut off along with the left ring finger when SCP-076 breached containment. Tool implemented is flashlight with a replaceable 1.5V coin cell battery, socket located in the underside of the finger between the first and second joint. A single coin battery can power the flashlight for a period of 3 hours. Finger was fed to Walter. Notes - Walter's a very obedient rabbit. -Dr Witting
  • Left Ring(Technically cut off later.): Cut off along with the left pinky when SCP-076 breached containment. Tool implemented is a solar-powered battery charger, able(no pun intended) to charge 3 1.5V coin cell battery via solar-power. Finger fed to Walter. Notes - Ow. F███. -Dr Witting
  • Right middle finger: Nibbled off by Walter when XXXX was feeding Walter his severed finger(left ring finger, as subject succeeded in feeding his left pinky without incidence.) Tool implemented is an oil lighter, oil can be replaced in a similar fashion as the ink for the pen in the right index. Notes - Walter is not an obedient rabbit. -Dr Witting
  • Right thumb: Cut off when SCP-XXXX cut himself accidentally with SCP-1417-1 in it's pocket knife form. Thinking the SCP-1417-1 was an instance of SCP-2618-J being perceived as SCP-1417-1, SCP-XXXX decided to test his hypothesis by hitting his left thumb with the banana, leading to the inevitable amputation of his thumb. Tool implemented is essentially a multipurpose knife(a mean joke on the researchers' part) with a small knife, saw, can opener and (for some reason unknown) a corkscrew, all extending from the thumb. Said thumb was fed to Walter. Notes - I am going to feed whoever f██████ replaced that joke banana with the god damn Swedish banana to Walter. -Dr Witting
  • Left thumb: Amputated after being exposed to the ice cream flashlight made by SCP-261 for too long of a time. Not even SCP-XXXX himself noticed that his right thumb was being exposed to the ice creamination-beam produced by the flashlight. Or that the flashlight was on. Or that there was the ice cream flashlight. Assistant researcher Jackson fed to Walter. Tool implemented is a clock that doubles as a compass, clock powered by a single 1.5V coin cell battery. What left of thumb fed to Walter. Notes - Walter likes Ice-cream. I'd say my thumb and the life of assistant researcher Jackson were a necessary sacrifice to obtain that knowledge. -Dr Witting