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Item #: SCP-4097

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4097 is to be kept in a 8x8 meter steel containment cell at Site 17, and may not be removed at any time. Level 3+ clearance is required to do any form of testing on SCP-4097. Personnel may not enter the containment chamber at any time unless approved by Level 4 clearance and up. Any instances of SCP-4097-1 are to be terminated, unless the containment of SCP-4097-1 is approved by Level 4 clearance. If an instance of SCP-4097-1 is marked for containment, it must be sealed in a Class-S humanoid containment cell.

Description: SCP-4097 is a Sho’t Kal Alef tank turret with notable rust and general damage. Upon moving 5 meters near SCP-4097, gives the victim hallucinations. These hallucinations are, as described by Class-D personnel, images of an Israeli battlefield from the view of an Israeli soldier. After experiencing these hallucinations, approximately 10 minutes later, the victim, now designated SCP-4097-1, becomes extremely hostile. SCP-4097-1 is noted to speak Arabic, no matter if they have previously known the language or not. These behaviors continue until SCP-4097-1 is terminated.

SCP-4097 was detected when a field agent reported news of an old tank with supposed anomalous affects made the news. The tank was swiftly investigated by Mobile Task Force Epsilon-6, later taken via aerial extraction.

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Item #: SCP-3732

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3732 is to be kept in a Class-L humanoid containment chamber, stylized to match SCP-3732's location of origin. SCP-3732-1 and SCP-3732-2 should not be removed at any given time unless approved by 1/3 of the O5 council. No weapons at any time may enter SCP-3732's containment chamber unless approved by Level-4 security clearance. SCP-3732’s containment cell is to remain locked in the event of a duel involving SCP-3732. Only one (1) on one (1) duels are permitted, unless Level-4 security clearance allows otherwise. Two (2) Foundation cleaning crews accompanied by one (1) Foundation agent with Level-2 security clearance are to clean SCP-3732’s chamber bi-weekly. Movement sensors are to be implemented in the containment chamber, if set off during non-testing, alert the Site-Director and monitor movement for the next 8 hours on a CCTV camera.

No modern devices may be brought into SCP-3732's containment chamber unless approved by an O5 Council member.

Description: SCP-3732 is a muscular elderly humanoid in a steel suit of armor. SCP-3732 has white-grey hair, which appears unkempt, as well as a full beard. SCP-3732 is generally passive, with no active attempts of escape. SCP-3732 resides motionless upon a stone throne taken from SCP-3732’s place of origin while passive, engraved with supposed writing of unknown origin at the base. Attempts to decipher the writing thus far have failed. SCP-3732 is armed with a sword at all times, designated SCP-3732-1.

When entering SCP-3732's containment chamber, SCP-3732 will stand, and will consistently say "I challenge you to a duel, blade against blade, may the most honorable powerbase win. Do you accept?"

If accepted, SCP-3732 will manifest a sword into his hands, designated SCP-3732-2, and slide it to the opponent. In the event that another weapon than SCP-3732-2 provided is used, SCP-3732 will enter an "enraged" state, in which the entity will rush the opponent, attacking them indefinitely until death. All attacks upon SCP-3732 that are not performed via SCP-3732-2 will be rendered useless.

If the duel is declined, SCP-3732 will return to his throne, asking the visitor’s purpose. If the answer to SCP-3732's question is deemed insufficient, SCP-3732 will demand that all present leave SCP-3732 chambers. In the event that a visitor resists, SCP-3732 will proceed to assault the resistor until their death.

SCP-3732 has not lost a single duel under Foundation containment to date, and is believed to have not lost a duel ever. Rather SCP-3732 cannot lose is being debated, if SCP-3732 has a form of invincibility the O5 council will vote for it's attempted termination. All O5 councils must vote in favor of neutralization for it to be attempted.

Addendum 3732-1:

SCP-3732 was discovered by a civilian exploration group in a mountainous region approximately two (2) kilometers from █████, Iceland. One (1) civilian accepted SCP-3732's duel, resulting in the civilian's death, and the retreat of the exploration group. The group reported this to local authorities, in which law enforcement assaulted SCP-3732, resulting in mass death. The government, in which agents of Mobile Task Force Iota-10 were deployed, was alerted. Iota-10 requested the investigation of SCP-3732, within approximately 2 weeks the Foundation secured SCP-3732. Official capture date, August 17th, 20██.

Addendum 3732-2

This is a list of experiments attempting to introduce SCP-3732 to modern technology. These series of tests will be completed by Class-D personnel, with temporary Mobile Task Force Epsilon-19 "Unholy Templars" trained in sword combat. This project will be deemed "Horizon-7", and will be under O5 supervision.

After H7 Experiment-2, project "Horizon 7" is cancelled, and Epsilon-19 "Unholy Templars" is disbanded by order of the O5 council. It is decided SCP-3732 shows very little tolerance to modern objects, and enters a new behavioral state not recorded before.

Addendum 3732-3

After monitoring duels performed by SCP-3732, it seems that SCP-3732 does not become worn down by any amount of physical pressure. See Experiment Log 3732-A-2.

Experiment 3732-1

Initial testing of SCP-3732 included one (1) Class-D entering and dueling SCP-3732. SCP-3732 swiftly ended the test via the death of D-23914. Clean-up teams were sent in, recovering the corpse and cleaning the cell. Upon the autopsy of D-23914, a clean slice directly above the C7 vertebrae was found. Rather this is an anomalous affect of SCP-3732-1, or just pure sword skill, is debated.

Addendum 3732-4

The following details an interview between SCP-3732 and a Researcher.

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Item #: SCP-3827

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3827 is to be kept in a Class-L bio-hazard containment cell, equipped with ten (10) weaponized tesla coils installed upon the ceiling. The door of the containment chamber is to be pressure-locked, with an antechamber equipped with four (4) weaponized tesla coils. All personnel must wear full-mask respirators when operating near SCP-3827's containment chamber. All personnel moving directly near the containment chamber, such as the operating room or entrance for the chamber, must wear full hazmat suits. Any and all testing must be approved by 1/3 of the O5 council. Directly after testing, all tesla devices in the chamber must be activated for three (3) hours.

Every ten (10) days, a mandatory inspection of SCP-3827 by specialized bio-containment technicians is to be executed. After the inspection, a full report of the inspection is to be sent to the security team currently assigned to SCP-3827. Alternatively, forward the report to the site/area director.

Mobile Task Force Epsilon-37 was formed to counter of SCP-3827. Epsilon-37 consists of twelve specialized agents, six (6) equipped with mobile flamethrowers, four (4) with Tactical M416s, and two tech specialists carrying tactical P90s, as well as a mountable tesla "cannon", designated the T-02 FEE. Upon charging of the device, the T-02 FEE can produce 250 kilowatts every quarter of charge. Agents of Epsilon-37 are to wear full black hazmat suits, as well as Foundation modified H-1472 full-face respirators underneath.

A fully functional T-01 FEE is to be implemented at Area-14, and is to be given a 360 degree view of the facility, deployed at Area-14’s primary exit. The T-01 FEE is capable of producing a full gigawatt at maximum charge, which takes approximately two (2) hours. The T-01 FEE will then release a precision charge, which it is then capable of sustaining for up to fifteen (15) minutes.

SCP-3827 may only be transferred with a unanimous vote from the O5 council. In the case that SCP-3827 is transferred, the area in which it is being transferred to must have the T-01 FEE fully constructed, as well as an O5 approved containment chamber pre-made. Mobile Task Force Epsilon-37 is to be kept within seventy-five (75) meters of SCP-3827 at all times.

Addition 327-0-A


In the event of an SCP-3827 Stage-5 growth phase or containment breach, the T-01 FEE is to immediately begin charging and Epsilon-37 is to be deployed. If initial tesla coil defenses fail, the mountable T-02 FEE is to be prepared. In the event of a surface breach, the T-01 FEE is to begin prolonged fire towards SCP-3827. If the T-01 FEE fails, fifteen (15) Foundation combat helicopters are to be deployed and begin recovery of SCP-3827. CBRN and NBC threat response teams are to be rapidly deployed following the recovery of SCP-3827, and are to secure any cities within 50 kilometers of SCP-3827. After cities are secured, CBRN clean-up technicians are sent to clear any infestations on the surface.


In the event of SCP-3872 breaching, an alternative contingency plan is set. All security personnel are to report to the surface exit. Mobile task forces Epsilon-37 and Beta-7 are to deploy, Epsilon-37 will command all security forces. The T-01 FEE is to be charged, and all T-02 FEE units are to be deployed and charged. The Omega Warhead is to be prepped, but only used if ABSOLUTELY necessary. Upon sighting of SCP-3872, Epsilon-37 will order firepower to appropriately cripple the entity. Upon crippling, SCP-3872 is to be secured in a specialized bio-hazard containment cell, and transported to heavy bio-containment sector 4A. NBC technicians are to be deployed to fix SCP-3872's cell, and clean-up spore infestations. This contingency plan must be executed in less than six (6) hours of surface breach.

Description: SCP-3827 is a humanoid with rapid skin growth, tumors, and other skin disorders. SCP-3827 demonstrates extreme growth of excess flesh, which is most effectively eliminated via tesla coils. SCP-3827 emits bio-hazardous spores from it’s bodily tumors, which rapidly eliminate organic matter. SCP-3827 displays extreme strength, and has proven to be able to destroy a 5-meter thick standard-composition wall at running speed during a Stage-4 growth phase.

If spores emitted by SCP-3827 make contact with an organic creature, the creature’s flesh will begin deteriorating, as well as growing spore-host tumors. Any organic creature touched by SCP-3827’s spores is designated SCP-3827-1. Spores have displayed equally destructive and infectious properties when exposed to plant life.

SCP-3827 displays perpetual agitation, often attempting to damage it’s cell or breach containment. SCP-3827 is typically forced into a pacified state when seven-hundred-fifty (750) kilowatts are applied continuously onto the main mass. After pacifying the entity, SCP-3827 is rendered almost completely disabled.

SCP-3827 has a notably strange infrastructure, thoroughly researched via MRIs and X-Rays while pacified. While SCP-3827 is incapable of speech, it has been noted to emit grunting and growling noises at a considerably low volume.

Addendum 37-0

All information regarding origin, and recovery of SCP-3872 has been redacted by the O5 council's vote. Any attempts of uncovering this information will result in termination. Information on SCP-3872 has been released to personnel with Level-3 security clearance. Do not access the following files without Level-3 security clearance.

Addendum 37-1

Research Log From Researcher Samuel █████████
LA. After having X-Ray scanning done on SCP-3827 at stage one (1), we've detected very little bone matter within the entity. Except for at the femur area and below, all of this bone matter is extremely enlarged, with tons of damage to the inner-areas of the masses we've deducted as bones. It's a wonder how SCP-3827 walks, let alone runs. I hypothesize anomalous intervention.
LB. After magnetic resonance imaging was completed on SCP-3827, we have found several small, broken up structures. Rather these are remnants of structures that were once organs, is unclear. We saw a large organic mass in the center of SCP-3827, though it seems to not belong. This organic mass frequently moved, as it's appearance changed rapidly.

Medical Report Collection

Containment Failure Aftermath Report 37-A0