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Item #: SCP-3806

Object Class: Safe Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3806 is presumed neutralised following the disappearance of Senior Researcher Berrigan. Any sighting of Senior Researcher Berrigan or mention of “The Paperboy” is to be reported to the head of the Temporal Anomalies Department.

Description: SCP-3806 was a series of spatial and temporal anomalies linked to Senior Researcher Berrigan that lasted from April 18th, 2014 to December 25th, 2017. The anomalies consisted of the appearance of a copy of the following day’s ███ ███████ newspaper (designated SCP-3806-1) emerging from under the nearest door (designated SCP-3806-2) every 24 hours at 7:00am GMT.

Chronological History:

Email sent from Senior Researcher Berrigan to Site Director ██████:

19/04/14 9:04
This morning I found a copy of ███ ███████ with tomorrow’s date on it at my door. I have checked the surveillance cameras and no one entered or approached my office while I was in there and there is no evidence of tampering. The event occurred sometime between 6:43am and 7:32am. I have sent the item to be analysed and request for my office to be quarantined until we understand the cause of the anomaly.

The office of Senior Researcher Berrigan was hermetically sealed and a monitoring station was established to find any signs of anomalous activity. Senior Researcher Berrigan and all personnel in adjacent rooms were relocated. Analysis revealed no traces of fingerprints or handling on the SCP-3806-1 instance.

Throughout the day, the events detailed in SCP-3806-1 were occurring prompting the classification of the event as a temporal anomaly. A scanned copy of the SCP-3806-1 instance was delivered to the Ethics Committee to decide whether to act on the information. The consensus was not to act until repercussions could be understood.

Following the release of the current day’s ███ ███████ newspaper, a copy was retrieved and compared to the SCP-3806-1 instance showing no difference. All copies printed were accounted for. Investigation into potential reality benders amongst the company’s employees showed no abnormalities. No apparent connection was found between Senior Researcher Berrigan and ███ ███████.

Email sent from Senior Researcher Berrigan to Site Director ██████:

20/04/14 7:05
Another copy appeared at the door to my new office with tomorrow’s date on it. This time I heard it arrive at 7:00am. I believe this anomaly is somehow linked to me and request to be relocated to a containment cell until we fully understand it. I think the newspaper comes through the nearest door to me, so we should place a fake door to stop the cell door from exhibiting this anomalous activity. We do not know whether this anomaly can deliver us more than just early news and urge that we must not become lax on the matter.

Senior Researcher Berrigan was placed in a standard humanoid containment cell with a small sealed room in a corner with one of the site’s standard office doors leading into it. A cover story of deployment to contain a viral outbreak in ███████, ████████ was issued to Senior Researcher Berrigan’s family.

The events of the day were consistent with the content of the SCP-3806-1 instance. This instance contained details of a bus crash in █████████, ██████ killing two people and injuring six. The Ethics Committee ruled against taking action.

20/04/14 - 15/05/14
SCP-3806 remained consistent with one copy of the next day’s news every morning at 7:00am GMT emerging from under the door in the containment cell. All instances of SCP-3806-1 were stored in a hermetically sealed box when not being studied or read. Level 3 clearance was required to read an unpublished instance. Senior Researcher Berrigan was provided with a furnished room and any requested item at the discretion of the HMCL supervisor. Sensors and observers were unable to detect any additional abnormalities in the space under the door when the newspaper would materialise. The Ethics Committee did not act on any information.

Testing was authorised to test the communication capabilities of SCP-3806. Personnel unaware of the information of the day’s SCP-3806-1 instance were instructed to intercept the newspaper file before printing and alter one line randomly. The day’s SCP-3806-1 instance was consistent with the alterations. It is believed that SCP-3806 is somehow linked to the printing stage of the newspaper.

The Foundation acquired control of the company and began adding encoded messages as an early warning system for containment breaches and other urgent information.

17/05/14 – 23/05/14
Testing began to determine the conditions for the creation of an SCP-3806-2 instance. The following was discovered:

  • closest door to Senior Researcher Berrigan in any direction
  • must be enclosing a doorway
  • requires being closed
  • does not require empty space underneath, SCP-3806-1 emerges from the bottom 3cm of the door in the direction of Senior Researcher Berrigan

Testing terminated following the retrieval of the SCP-3806-1 instance of May 23th, 2014.

The encoded message in the SCP-3806-1 instance revealed the details of a containment breach at Site-██ describing [REDACTED]. The O5 council were informed and deemed it necessary to inform the site director and evacuate the nearby area. The containment breach was averted with no casualties. The cause of the breach was [REDACTED].

To avoid potential temporal paradoxes, the copy to be printed the following day maintained the encoded message. The council ruled that no further actions were to be taken until the repercussions of this warning could be measured.

No abnormal measurements or unaccounted anomalies were detected in the previous weeks. The Ethics Committee was granted permission to act more frequently on information supplied by SCP-3806-1. A subcommittee was assembled to determine how the information should be used, with the goal of ensuring external organisations not discover the connection between ███ ███████ and Foundation interference.

Senior Researcher Berrigan was permitted to return to his original office, but to remain in the containment cell from 6:30-8:30 every morning.