Error's SCP File of SCP-3439 - The Old Time God
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Item #: SCP-3439

Object Class: Yggdrasil

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3439 cannot be contained because of the huge mass that SCP-3439 have. Also that the foundation can't get it because when a Class-D get close to it, SCP-3439 got active and destroys some stars, we known that as Project-Dead. The O5 council are still trying to figure out possibilities to contain SCP-3439 but not destroying the universe. Here's three (3) requirements that we can possibly contain SCP-3439, Shrinking (not accomplished), making SCP-3439 at least Maskur object classes (not accomplished), and a spaceship to SCP-3439 (not accomplished). Mission Meetings must happens daily for more possibilities to contain SCP-3439. D-class must look at watch of SCP-3439 to see that if it moves


Dr. Kirm:

Foreword: SCP-343 looks at Dr. Kirm with the godly looks. Dr. Kirm sits down in the wooden chair, needing questions about SCP-3439.

<Begin Log, 2:06 PM>

SCP-343: Hello Dr. Kirm, I know you're looking for the answers of SCP-3439.

Dr. Kirm: Yeah, SCP-3439 has huge questions and danger to the facility, but since we can't contain it or get close to it, we cannot answers the questions that the facility has.

SCP-343: (SCP-343 spawns out of nowhere, a table and a paper) SCP-3439 will soon stop, but when the multiverse splits up. Only a huge containment breach will awaken its slumber because of the Chaos Insurgency. They will wake SCP-3439 up to destroy humanity as we know it. It'll only come soon, but it's not for that long. It will not stop until of it has been destroyed. That will be the fifth slumber for it, and it will be the last one. The mass of SCP-3439 is impossible to know. It'll not be long when SCP-3439 will be Neutralized by the destruction of its might. The powers of SCP-3439 is as strong as I, that's how it'll destroy the multiverse. (The paper wrote all that down itself)

Dr. Kirm: (stares at SCP-343's eyes in shock) I guess you're talking about so much about the future, but we need to ask about questions about SCP-3439.

SCP-343: SCP-3439 is inactive, made by another "god" that I don't know. The power, unstable. Nothing can stop it, not even me. A "god" cannot be stop unless another "god" fights it. SCP-3439 is more than a "god", it's a "superior god" that can end in ZK class scenario. (The paper wrote all of that down itself again)

Dr. Kirm: So that's SCP-3439, huh?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: //SCP-3439 is more dangerous than we think. We need more research with SCP-343. We learned about SCP-3439 was made by a "god" and it is a "superior god". It can end in a ZK class scenario. SCP-3439 is powerful enough that it can Neutralized. -Interviewer Notes //

Description: SCP-3439 is a "superior god" "god" infinite mass "god" which is growing since the fifth (5th) slumber of sleep. SCP-3439 size and weight are still unknown to this day, even SCP-343 doesn't those questions. SCP-3439 is a Hell Breaks Lose (HBL) class which destroys anything it gets close to which is alive in a planet and in space. SCP-3439's nickname is called the Old Time God because the old time means end of the time (End of the Time God). After certain times of SCP-3439, the victim will start to turn attractive to it and tries to goes to SCP-3439.

Addendum: Still working