Entry #1

“This is Captain Alexi Navalski of the Mobile Task Force Unit Beta-7. I apologize for my bad English, against my preference I have decided to speak in English for the American doctors who will review this. I am the Squad Leader of the Expedition authorized to investigate an old Soviet Research Bunker, made up of ten men. The Americans think that SCP-610 could have originated from Soviet Experiments. We have just entered the cave which hid the Bunker, we have stopped outside of the blast door for the night, is it night? I cannot tell down here in this dark, damp, miserable cave. Log will continue tomorrow.”

Entry #2

“Good morning, I have resumed the log after we opened the Blast Doors using explosives and were instantly hit with a strong heat. The entire entryway was sure enough covered in flesh, the actual corridor was unrecognizable. I sent two of my men inside using biohazard suits, however after 5 minutes, they came back due to the extreme heat, I have requested a powerful Air Conditioning Unit to be brought to the entrance of the cave for pickup. They told us it would be brought tomorrow, so there is not much we can do until then. This flesh is beginning to give me the creeps, I hope it is not much longer until we discover what we need and get out. Until tomorrow, goodbye.”

Entry #3

“Hello again, we received the Air Conditioning Unit and placed it in the corridor. We then packed up our Base and have begun to move through the corridor. We made it about fifteen minutes in, still just flesh and no real building. We stopped at another door in a small recreational area. We cannot seem to open it, but explosives could cause the flesh to grow over to door, keeping us out. We decided that tomorrow we would try bashing the door open. It’s getting hard to breathe in our Biohazard suits, I should replace my oxygen tank. Goodnight Moy ZritelMy Spectator.”

Entry #4

This file was corrupted beyond translation, however analysts confirmed that they managed to get past the door from the previous night, as Entry #5 tells of how they are walking further down in the facility. It was also thought that they have lost one unit during this time.

Entry #5

“We have gotten to the end of the facility it seems, at the end, we discovered a large room with six human sized test tubes, of those, four were broken and two contained samples of what appears to be early stages of SCP-610. We took photographs and managed to retrieve some ancient computer memory drives, from Soviet Era computers. The mission appears to be a success, with only one casualty. Tomorrow we will make our way back.

Entry #6

“I SHOULD HAVE NOTICED! OF COURSE THE FOUR SPECIMEN ARE STILL IN THE FACILITY I AM A FOOL! *sighs* After I record this Entry, I am sending the only other survivor of the attacks that occurred last night, Corporal Koroshev. I will stay, and attempt to hold back the creatures so that the evidence and this log make it out of here. We were ambushed last night, we lost seven units, they all stood no chance, many died in their sleep. It was the Soviets, they tried to make the perfect worker, one which never tires, one that is never upset, the perfect citizen. Of course, it failed miserably and created this monstrosity. The computers have research which may help find a possible solution to this, I have not much time. *shuffling is heard* BACK YOU BEAST *Gunshots are heard*”

This is the end of the Log, Corporal Koroshev made it back up to the surface, uninfected, but shell shocked. The On-Site research board is in debate whether or not to give him Class-B amnestics. To cure him of his PTSD. The Computer files are still under review for useful information. Borders around infected villages have received tightened Security until analyzation is completed.