Dr Zack Lefed’s Proposal

Item #: SCP-001
Object class: Euclid Apollyon
Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-001 are to be contained in a Low-Risk Biological Containment Chamber in Site-100. Personnel are to feed them appropriately twice a day. In order to maintain their population personnel are to assist the activities of propagation of SCP-001. Currently, 14 instances of SCP-001 have been contained by the Foundation.
Personnel who work with SCP-001 should make visual contact at least once with the instances/images/videos of them.
SCP-001 instances are now our new overlords. We can’t stop them.

Description: SCP-001 is a designation for a species of gray wolf (Canis lupus). SCP-001 used to only be capable of altering information, and only would modify the information about the entities by their abilities. Documents/audio data/real voice were regarded as information media. The information lacked an objective point of view; it described SCP-001 as "violent and cruel werewolves". The ability was restricted to form of partial alteration and addition. All attempts to restore altered data led to further alteration. But that was weak, compared to now.
Now, they’ve become too powerful.
Now, we’re screwed.
We’re [REDACTED] screwed
SCP-001 came to the Foundation's attention following the fact that despite a widespread rumor about werewolves in the perimeter of Mt. ███████ in Japan, none of the instances were observed. Further investigation revealed the information-altering ability of SCP-001, and all of the instances were contained. In comparison to SCP-001 instances, for species of gray wolf, had, and still have, poor physical abilities; it was considered important for SCP-001 to manifest the ability in order to survive.
That changed when the queen got the crown, becoming (quite) human. She let all the instances out, and gave the other instances SCP-XXXX to take, then those instances bit 20 d-classes, 10 researchers, Dr. Cimmerman, Dr. Clef, and Dr. Gears before escaping successfully without a single death… of anyone really. Those bit became their kind, but only physically, due to the Lycanthropy Pill. Testing is currently being done.
We have one hope, if any hope:
The queen is quite cute.
Therefore, we may be able to make h[REDACTED] about her.
Then, they’ll stop. Possibly.
Fingers crossed O5 lets me do it!

Addendum: SCP-001 has somehow gotten hold of a pair of objects that could convert everyone into their kind: SCP-XXXX: Super Crown, and SCP-XXXX: Lycanthropy Pill. This was due to Dr. Bright bringing these to their chamber. Reclassification to Apollyon requested.
O5-█:Reclassification to Apollyon authorized. Sucks that the world will end from some puppies finding some things.