"Where the Junk Goes"
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Item #:** SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be housed off-site in a secure containment facility located at [REDACTED]°N, [REDACTED]°W at a depth of 100 meters. Access to the facility shall be though the means of a single industrial class elevator outfitted with a triple redundancy system or via the emergency staircase in the event of a power outage or complete elevator failure. Both access points are two be controlled by a reinforced tungsten and lead blast doors which shall by magnetically sealed at all times and only opened by the presentation of proper credentials. In the event of door failure a security override will be engaged by the monitoring team allowing the doors to be opened via a manual hand crank.

SCP-XXXX is to kept in a 25x25x25 meter containment cell housed in a reinforced bunker buried at a depth of 100 meters below ground. The cell walls are to be comprised 5 meter thick lead sheets lined with industrial reinforcements in order to provide support. The cell is to be equipped with numerous radiological sensors connected to a remote monitoring station above ground which is to be monitored by at least two certified staff members at all times for increased radiological activity from SCP-XXXX. In the event of emissions radiating from SCP-XXXX surpass a level of 250 TBq, Procedure-121-Röntgen is to be enacted. (See Procedure-121-Röntgen for details.) Direct access to SCP-XXXX is to be through a magnetically sealed blast door consisting of reinforced tungsten lined with at least a meter of lead plating. The doors to SCP-XXXX are only opened by direct control from the monitoring team and are to remain shut at all times and are to be only opened for researching purposes. SCP-XXXX is to held in place by a reinforced metal frame and is to kept shut at all times, opening of SCP-XXXX is only permitted under research purposes with the explicit approval of Dr.[REDACTED]. Any unsupervised or unapproved openings of SCP-XXXX will be met with swift punishment and instant demotion to D-Class.

All personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX are to wear sufficient radiological protection and to be equipped with a Geiger Counter at all times when interacting or studying SCP-3625 even if SCP-XXXX's current emission levels are considered safe. All staff are to checked bi-weekly by a certified on site physician and blood tests are to be administered to check signs of radiation sickness. All staff present during the event of a Procedure-121-Röntgen are to be checked immediately for any signs of ARS (Acute Radiation Syndrome.) In the event of any member of staff developing any stage of radiation sickness or that been exposed to more than [REDACTED] are to be transferred out to another project immediately. Due to the nature of SCP-XXXX, Class-D personnel are not be assigned to SCP-3625 and are to be only used for conducted research on SCP-XXXX after which they are to be administered Class-A amnesiacs and transferred to another program.

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