Item #: SCP-[NUMBER]

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-[NUMBER] is to be kept in Research Sector-861 in a bullet proof vacuum sealed bell jar on top of a 2.5 m steel pedestal in a 3 m x 3 m x 4 m chamber with 0.5 m thick steel-reinforced walls. A camera is to be mounted within the chamber to record any changes, and to be monitored by a new Class-D personnel 24hrs/day each day.
The bell jar vacuum and pedestal are to be remotely key operated.
The pedestal is to be remotely hydraulically lowered with a key in triplicate, for manual inspection by a Class-D personnel or for tests to be carried out by minimum Level-4 authorised personnel. Keys to be held by 3 separate Sector managerial personnel, which are allocated at random, and switched after every time that SCP-[NUMBER] is inspected.
All inspecting personnel are to wear haz-mat suits and to never remove them until within the windowless entry chamber. Until further research has ascertained it’s exact mode of action and control of the human mind.
Under no circumstance are personnel to handle SCP-[NUMBER] with bare skin. 

Maximum individual time exposure to SCP-[NUMBER] is to be limited to 10-minutes. Pedestal operating personnel are also expected to terminate members of the inspection team should they begin to show signs of psychological change before the 10-minute period has expired, by pressing the flood chamber safety switch. The chamber will thusly be flooded with Hydrogen Fluoride gas, for a period of 24hrs.
Maximum number of exposures to SCP-[NUMBER] is to be limited to 3, equivalent to 30-minute cumulative time, even without evidence of psychological change. All personnel coming in contact with SCP-[NUMBER], including Class-D monitoring personnel are to wear Geiger counter personal monitoring devices and submit breath samples for mass spectrometry analysis.

All personnel exposed to SCP-[NUMBER] are to be screened by a qualified psychiatrist after 24 hrs. And a routine MRI scan to be performed to monitor any structural changes within the brain, to aid future understanding of SCP-[NUMBER] mode of action.


Description: SCP-[NUMBER] is a 332.3ct (66.46g) Cushion Cut Intense Black Diamond, measuring 4.59 cm × 4.13 cm × 2.51 cm. See attached photograph (photo of a photo of the diamond).  Initial studies indicated; no known flaws within the diamond and thus has been recorded on the GIA scale as IF (Internally Flawless), with intense fluorescence under ultra violet light, fluorescing a deep blue.
Initial studies indicate that the stone appears to either release psychotropic particles into the surrounding atmosphere or to emit psychoactive radiation. The manner in which this is performed or how photographs of SCP-[NUMBER] appear to exert psychotropic effect, is as yet unknown.

The origin of SCP-[NUMBER] is currently under investigation. However, preliminary tests indicate the approximate age of SCP-[NUMBER] to be around 65 million years. If this is indeed the case, it may derive some connection to a large meteorite impact in the region at this time.

Following the incidents detailed in Case Report 1, Researcher Jacob Conwell, working alongside Research Sector-861, has requested authorisation to undertake an expedition to the Yucatán Peninsula to further clarify the origins of SCP-[NUMBER], and to identify the possibility of further stones similar to SCP-[NUMBER]. On identification of any similar stones, they will be extracted and contained.

Description of SCP-[NUMBER]’s Properties: SCP-[NUMBER] appears to be able to excerpt controlling effects upon the human mind. Effects seem to include, but may not be limited to, extreme revulsion/hatred and extreme desire towards the piece. These psychological phenomena both lead the human subject to touch the stone; either in an attempt to destroy it or possess it.
It appears that both the stone and photographs of the piece possess these abilities. Subjects having seen a photograph of the SCP-[NUMBER] will typically bankrupt themselves in an attempt to attain custody of it. Photographs of photographs of SCP-[NUMBER] however, do not appear to excerpt the same psychological effect, see attached photo.
Both males and females appear equally effected, no consistent characteristics as to how the stone selects the effect upon the human subjects (whether psychosocial, social or economic) have yet been elucidated. Indeed, for example, both Class-D personnel and wealthy nobility appear to both show similar levels of revulsion. Significantly more men have had contact with the stone over it’s 100-year history, and thus more men have died as a consequence.
Upon physical contact with the stone human subjects appear to enter a state of unease, wherein they relinquish the diamond. After an inconsistent amount of time, ranging from minutes to months, the subject encounters a scenario that ultimately leads to their demise, whether by bankruptcy and subsequent suicide or through initiating large scale dramatic events that may not be limited to international conflict.
The exact scope of SCP-[NUMBER]’s abilities are as yet not fully recorded; however, it appears that the social status or importance of the individual that comes in contact with SCP-[NUMBER] appears to affect the scenario that leads to their death. Indeed, the death of a prominent statesmen who came in contact with the stone was a critical factor in leading to the events known as The Great War (1914-1918). Similarly, Class-D personnel who have touched SCP-[NUMBER], have not resulted in matters of great consequence, other than their own demise.
See Case Report 1 for details of it's arrival.

The following is a brief history of SCP-[NUMBER] compiled by the [REDACTED] Museum, prior to it's arrival:

Case Report 1