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Item#: SCP-305-J

Object class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-305-J's anomalous abilities and overall popularity, SCP-305-J cannot be contained nor hidden from public knowledge.

All known SCP-305-J-1 instances have been contained through the edification of small Foundation outposts surrounding them. If a new instance of SCP-305-J is discovered, Protocol-DALE must be executed, being followed shortly by the immediate edification of another outpost.

Description: SCP-305-J is a male humanoid of Cuban descent. The entity appears to be in its late 30's and is currently bald. SCP-305-J appears to be 1,7m tall, although proper measurements have remained impossible.

SCP-305-J is capable of short-ranged teleportation when not being aided by SCP-305-J-1 instances. Due to this, various attempts at containment have met with failure. Since █/█/1990, all attempts to contain SCP-305-J have been halted.

SCP-305-J-1 instances are specific locations in space where SCP-305-J can teleport to, regardless of distance. It is estimated that there's a minimum of two SCP-305-J-1 instances on every country in the planet, and one instance inside SCP-2686-1. These areas can be identified due to their unusually high fume levels.

Addendum 1: SCP-305-J started a successful musical career on █/█/1997. Since then, SCP-305-J has referred to himself as "Mr. Worldwide", although he's more popularly known as "Pitbull"

Research into possible connections with Dr. Wondertainment are currently ongoing.