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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is to be contained in Hangar-7 at Area-02, which measures 1km x 1km x 5m. No other means of human transportation other than 5 10 rudimentary but functional skateboards1 and SCP-3XXX itself are allowed inside the hangar.

The hangar is to be reinforced with steel, and any damage done to the walls is to be fixed as soon as the object resumes it's dormant state. SCP-3XXX is to be monitored constantly, and any notice of SCP-3XXX-A7 is to be alerted immediately to security personnel. These cases should be responded by activating auto-pilot on several trucks, which are to be driving towards the SCP. Said trucks should be filled with 20 examples of the previously mentioned skateboards. This process has to be repeated until the object returns to a dormant state, where it will be placed inside it´s hangar along with several skateboards, with the amount of these objects depending on any number mentioned by SCP-3XXX-B before containment breach.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a modified vehicle with large suspension and tires, commonly known as a monster truck, with its bodywork resembling a 2016 Ford F250 King Ranch. The object is 2.95m tall and 2.9m long, which is unusually smaller when compared to non-anomalous trucks. SCP-3XXX displays no maker's marks, paint, props, doors or windows during its dormant state. Attempts at disassembling or damaging the vehicle has been met with failure.

The object's anomalous properties manifest during an activation state. This event takes place at a seemingly random hour during Saturday or Sunday of any given week; each active state occurs only once a week.

An active state always follows the same pattern, which is as follows:

  1. SCP-3XXX slowly transforms into one out of 6 72 (usually taking an average of 1 hour and 30 minutes) recorded modifications, with each one having been listed from SCP-3XXX-A1 through -A6 -A7 respectively. In each instance, paint, props and mechanisms appearing on SCP-3XXX, emerging from it's bodywork3 and on specific instances, it gains secondary anomalous properties. All transformations also have their own title painted on the left side of the vehicle (for a full list of SCP-3XXX-A instances, see addendum 1-3XXX-A).
  2. A male voice (designated SCP-3XXX-B) can be heard announcing the "entrance" of the current SCP-3XXX-A instance. Shortly after SCP-3XXX-B stops speaking, any human who has line of sight with the SCP-3XXX-A instance will start cheering the object. This effect also transmits over live video feed of SCP-3XXX. The identification4 and source of the voice is still under investigation.
  3. SCP-3XXX will start moving at high speeds despite the lack of a driver. This movement won't stop until it has run over any object capable of human transportation5, no matter the distance between itself and it's target. Then it will start using the new mechanisms to further destroy the object6. This stage is repeated another 4 9 times, although it has been recorded to attack more vehicles if these are located inside a radius of 1km from SCP-3XXX's current position.

After the pattern has ended, SCP-3XXX becomes inactive once again, with any features "submerging" back into the object's bodywork. Due to this, further investigation on SCP-3XXX-A instances has proven difficult.

There's no pattern as to which instance of SCP-3XXX-A the object will transform next, although it has been noted that the vehicle doesn't turn into the same instance it transformed into at a previous activated state7.

After further analysis on the footage of incident 3XXX-1, a decrease in acceleration was observed when it was about to run over (along with not firing its cannons) an anomalous item that was later identified as a car capable of altering radio signals and switching radio stations on it's own. This item was awaiting reclassification to SCP after it started altering dialogue from various radio stations as a form of speech and attempting to communicate with nearby personnel, indicating it was sentient. With this information, it has been hypothesized that SCP-3XXX itself may possess some degree of sentience.

To test this hypothesis, a test involving five D-class personnel and two horses was conducted. During the test, all D-class were sitting inside non-functional cars (all vehicles placed in a line, with gaps of 50m between each of them) and the horses (the two of which have been regularly used for transportation prior to the experiment) were placed 50m behind the cars. Additionally, five rudimentary skateboards were placed a 100m back from the animal subjects. SCP-3XXX was placed 300m from the line of cars

Reports from the test only makes noticed of one death, with it being D-88940, who was on the first vehicle targeted by SCP-3XXX. Respectively, this was the only time SCP-3XXX was seen slowing down, since the other D-class excited their cars as the object approached them. It is also worth noting that the surviving D-class and the horses were not chased down by SCP-3XXX at any point during the test. This led to the conclusion that the object is indeed capable of detecting living beings through unkown means and will actively ignore them, but wether this indicates sentience or not is still up to debate, with further testing being required.

Addendum 1: 3XXX-A
The following is a list of all recorded SCP-3XXX-A instances:

Addendum 2: Incident 3XXX-1
On date ██/█/201█, SCP-3XXX went on an active state at 0700 hours, breaching it's containment. At said hour, the vehicle transformed into SCP-3XXX-A7. This is the first recorded instance of SCP-3XXX-A7. After destroying all the skateboards inside it's containment, SCP-3XXX-B was recorded saying:

"Y'know guys, it's been fun and all to witness all this chaos and destruction, but I think this beast of a truck can do much more. How about we pump up his kill streak to… I dunno… 10? Are y'all fine with that?"

Shortly after the crowd cheering is heard again, to which SCP-3XXX responds by phasing through it's containment cell and entering Hangar-6, which housed a variety of anomalous vehicles. This resulted in the loss of over ██ anomalous items.

Since then, the number of skateboard has been doubled, along with various disposable trucks with auto pilot systems (each containing at the very least 10 aforementioned skateboards) now remains close to Hangar-7 in case of another change in behavior.

Addendum 3: Update

On date x/x/201x, it was discovered that SCP-3XXX-B closely resembles the voice of a Txxxxxxx Qxxxx, albeit much older. Mr. Qxxxx is a 16 year old male who currently resides in the hospital of xxxxxxxx in xxxxxxx, Arizona, where he has been in a trauma induced comma since 201x.

The connection with the individual was made after reports of several nurses and doctors noticing abnormally high amounts of brain activity on ██/█/201█, which is the date SCP-3XXX coincidentally breached its containment.

Subsequently, when Mr. and Ms. Qxxxx (Txxxxxxx's parents) where interviewed and asked about how the individual ended up in this state.