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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Type: Blue1

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX-A-1 is a human female of Costarrican descent in her late forties. SCP-XXXX-A-1 is approximately 1,57m tall and it's weight is estimated to be [weight later]. SCP-XXXX-A-1 presents tanned skin and black hair styled in two braids. SCP-XXXX-A-1 has shown a tendency to change the composition of small objects in it's vicinity to that of gold, silver or a wide variety of gemstones.

SCP-XXXX-A-2 appears to be a male specimen of the [scientific name l8r], or peacock, of approximately 70cm tall and [weight l8r]. SCP-XXXX-A-2 is fully sapient and is capable of human vocalizations, claiming to have formerly been a Spaniard known as Pérez Colma during interviews. SCP-XXX-A-2 wears a golden leash of 1,4m in length. This leash is non-anomalous and SCP-XXXX-A-1 claims to be its creator.

According to both, SCP-XXXX-A-1 and -2, SCP-XXXX-A-2 was transmutated by SCP-XXXX-A-1 into a peacock after the former rejected the latter's affection.

SCP-XXXX-B is a barred cage made out of an unidentified material, measuring 5x5x5 meters and 6cm between each bar's gap. SCP-XXX-B is seemingly indestructible, however it presents various signs of damage from before containment. SCP-XXXX-B has no doors nor any other way for it to be opened.

Through interviews, SCP-XXXX-A-1 and -2 claim to have been trapped inside SCP-XXXX-B for an indefinite amount of time prior to discovery.

The entities and the object were found inside a shipment truck attempting to cross the Costa Rica-Panama border, where it was detained for inspection by Panamanian militia. Shortly after discovery of SCP-3XXX-A-1 and -2, the driver of the truck suffered a heart attack, killing him on the scene. Attempts at identification of the individual have remained inconclusive.

According to witnesses, the shipping container of the truck presented a spacial anomaly which rendered it bigger on the inside. Said container neutralized itself after Foundation personnel managed to take out the caged entities from it.

Addendum 1: