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SCP Drafts

Item #: SCP-@

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-@ is to be stored in a standard secure storage locker, located in the Secure Storage Wing of Site-12. SCP-@-2 instances are not to be allowed access to the Secure Storage Wing under any circumstances. Any undomesticated members of the Canis genus attempting to gain access to the Secure Storage Wing are to be terminated immediately.

Access to the storage locker must be approved by the Secure Storage Department. Any unauthorized access to the storage locker and any unauthorized instances of SCP-@-1 are subject to immediate quarantine. Interviews of SCP-@-1, upon request by the entity, are to be conducted in a standard anomalous entity containment cell. As of 10-13-2012 interviews are no longer to be conducted.1

Description: SCP-@ is a mask forged in the likeness of a Gray Wolf (canis lupus). SCP-@ is composed of a material visually similar to iron, but closer to tungsten in terms of hardness and stress resistance, making it significantly more durable. The eyeholes of the mask are covered in what appear to be welding goggles.

SCP-@ modifies the behavior of undomesticated members of the Canis2 genus within a 15-meter radius. Both domesticated and undomesticated members will attempt to bring the SCP-@ instance to an area frequented by humans. This behavior will continue at distances exceeding the 15-meter radius for 21 minutes. Once brought to an optimal area, members of the Canis genus will cease the behaviors. SCP-@ does not modify the behavior of other fauna and/or humans.

When worn by an individual, SCP-@ will transform them into SCP-@-1. SCP-@-1 is a bipedal canid, approximately 2.4 meters in height. The entity is entirely composed of the iron-like material that SCP-@ consists of. SCP-@-1 does not require nourishment and does not produce waste. SCP-@-1 modifies the behavior of undomesticated members of the Canis genus, in a similar 15-meter radius to SCP-@. Undomesticated members exhibit submissive behavior towards SCP-@-1. After the individual removes the mask, they do not retain any memories of what they experienced.

SCP-@-1 contains the consciousness of a currently unnamed entity, believed to be an ancient Egyptian deity. The entity is docile, and has remained cooperative since its initial containment in 5/11/2009. SCP-@-1 has refused any further communication since the incident on 10-13-2012.

SCP-@ was recovered from the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History in Washington D.C., USA on 5/11/2009, after POI-610723 put on the mask, transforming into SCP-@-1. Foundation agents embedded in the MPD recovered the entity, transporting it to Site-12 for containment.

Interview #@-1

Interviewed: SCP-@-1

Interviewer: Dr. Edward Alameida

Foreword: SCP-@-1 requested to talk with Foundation personnel. The requested was granted, and junior researcher Dr. Edward Alameida was assigned to conduct the interview.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Alameida: Hello @, I believe you wanted to talk.

SCP-@-1: That is correct.

Dr. Alameida:


<End Log>

Closing Statement:

Tale Drafts

“‘It was a dream,' said John quietly. 'Everybody's youth is a dream, a form of chemical madness.'” ~The Diamond as Big as the Ritz, and Other Stories by F. Scott Fitzgerald

The attic was dark and damp. Xander stood at the top of the stairs and peered into the blackness. He reached up and grabbed the single pull cord hanging from the ceiling. Click The lone light bulb flickered dimly. Going back down the stairs, he grabbed a floor lamp; it helped to push back the gloom. He looked around at the cardboard boxes that filled the attic alongside plastic totes. Past heaps (and heaps) of cardboard and plastic, he searched for a good place to start sorting through the stuff. Sitting in the corner was a small stack of boxes. Xander wasn’t ready to sort through those yet. He found a tote labeled X-mas Decorations and put it on the floor by itself. It would be the start of the ‘Sell’ pile —they could always buy new Christmas lights.

Xander made two more piles next to the ‘Sell’ one: ‘Keep’ and ‘Ask Dad’. He then started sorting through the rest of the attic. An old blue onesie with Alexander written on it went to the ‘Sell’ pile. It wouldn’t fit on him anymore. A box of extension cords went to the ‘Keep’ pile. He might need them at the new house. A locked leather briefcase went to the ‘Ask Dad’ pile. It was probably full of old paperwork.

Xander stayed in the attic for hours, sorting through memories good and bad, until there were only a few boxes left. The stack of boxes in the corner. Lizzy’s Stuff. His mom’s stuff. Elizabeth Stanford was Xander’s mother. She lost control of her car while driving home from work and crashed into a tree. The coroner didn’t allow him to see her body, not that he wanted to. He didn’t want to remember her as a corpse.

Xander didn’t want to go anywhere near the boxes.

He also didn’t want to make his dad do it.

Barely holding back his tears, Xander knelt in front of the stack. He opened a box from on top and looked inside. It was full of old school supplies: textbooks about law, a large notebook, and a container of pencils and pens. Xander put the box in the ‘Keep’ pile without opening the textbooks and notebook.

The next few boxes were full of clothes from the 80s and 90s. There was a box of collectible mugs from every state. A box full of calendars. Another filled with postcards from all over the world. There was even an old Walkman in a box full of cassette tapes. Xander put every box in the ‘Keep’ pile. There wasn’t a chance in hell that he would get rid of them.

Within the hour a single box was left. Xander sat down next to it and pulled it towards him. “Elizabeth’s Things” was written on the outside. He ripped the tape off and opened the box. Inside was a collection of seven leather-bound books. They looked like they could be journals. There was no markings on the outside of any of them, and only one had writing in it. The first page was filled with cursive. He started reading.

March 8th
Robby was finally able to find the time to get some journals for me. He’s been super busy trying to get everything together for the ritual on Saturday. Writing should be the perfect way to pass the time until then. I’ll have to find some way to pay him back. I wonder if he’d like a present?

March 9th
In four days we’ll summon the entity. That’s probably important enough to write down. I wish I knew what its name is. Does it even have a name? It probably has a name. Everything has a name, right? Just in case it doesn’t, I’ll name it Chance. Actually, I don’t think it really matters in the end. It’ll only be here for an hour.

March 12th
Tomorrow’s the day. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous. This is the first time we’ve tried summoning anything. I don’t even know if it’ll work or not. I’ll go to the Library later and see if I can find any books on summons. It’d be easier just to ask Robby to look at his books, but he’s still pretty busy. Mel might have some books on summons, I should go ask her.

Xander was confused. Did his mom write this? The handwriting didn’t look like hers, but the books were in her box. A lot of the things she had written down didn’t make any sense to him. He didn’t know what ‘the entity’ and ‘summons’ were, or who Robby and Mel are. His curiosity subdued the sorrow that had filled him earlier. He slipped the journals back into the box and closed it. He unsteadily got to his feet and grabbed the box of journals. Heading downstairs, he walked along the hall to his room, and put the box on his bed.

Xander’s first instinct was to ask his dad about the journals, but Tom wouldn’t be home until late. He had an important meeting at work, something about a rebranding. If Xander didn’t talk to someone about the journals, he would surely go insane from all the thoughts bouncing around inside his head. He pulled out his phone and messaged his friend Jordan. She would listen to his thoughts.

Xander put his phone back in his pocket and sat down next to the box. He opened it and pulled out the first journal again. There wasn’t anything else to do except continue reading, so that’s what he did.

March 14th
I don’t even know where to begin about yesterday. The summoning was a failure. It started out fine. Chance actually showed up, but didn’t go straight into the entrapping sphere like it was supposed to. Instead it went straight to Robby and murdered him. The portal imploded without him holding it open and knocked everyone out. When I woke up the entity was gone, and Robby’s body was laying against the far wall. We had to bury him this morning.

There was more, but Xander didn’t take the time to read it. The entries gave him more questions than answers, but that didn’t matter to him. He just had to know more, so he skipped down to the next entry.

March 19th
It feels likes someone’s smashing me in the head with a hammer. I hope getting knocked unconscious didn’t knock something loose in my head. I need to go get some more Ibuprofen.

March 21st
Something’s wrong. I don’t remember any of yesterday. According to Mel, I wandered around aimlessly for most of the day. Then I collapsed and she had to drag me back to my room. I’m going to the Library today to see if I can get some help.

Did this “ritual” make his mom go insane? Why would she go to a library for help? He couldn’t make any sense out of it without the whole picture. He flipped the page. There was a single entry left. The handwriting was nearly illegible.

March 22nd
I went to see Ms. Rurisdottir yesterday and she told me what’s happening to me. Chance didn’t leave after we were all knocked unconscious. It found its way inside my head. I have to stay with her until she can get it out.

Xander closed the book and put it back in the box. This was too much information for him to go over at once. He just had to figure out what happened. Reading this journal was like having his mom back. Xander didn’t want that feeling to end.

Xander put the box on his desk and walked over to the window. The triple Scheele energy towers in Grand Rapids were glowing brightly amongst the skyscrapers. He stood at the window for a while, staring at the lights and reflecting. As he was about to look away, a piercing pain rocketed through his skull. Holding his head in his hands, Xander fell to his knees, and waited for it to end. The pain slowly fell away, leaving a dull throbbing in its place. He climbed to his feet, using the windowsill as support.

Grabbing the bottle of Aspirin from next to his bed, Xander took two.

Completed Articles


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Critter Profile: Sampson!



Name: Sampson

Species: Canis familiaris (Doberman Pinscher) pictured, at left

Primary Caretaker: Terrestrial Team, Dominic Stanford

Diet: Dog food (Any brand will do, and he really likes it when you put a slice of turkey on top!)

Housed: Wilson's Wildlife Center, Enclosure 3

Creature Features!

'Sampson' is our name for the strange Dobermann we found terrorizing livestock over in Bull Run. He was most likely some sort of guard dog to begin with, and then either got out or was let out. We don't really know where or what he was guarding, but since we found him in Bull Run, I'd say it's pretty safe to assume that it's somewhere in Oregon. How he got out is still up for debate, but I'm willing to bet that he took advantage of a forgetful caretaker!

As for the strange part, Sampson is probably one of the more interesting fauna we've encountered. When you try and look at Sampson, he appears all blurry, almost like you're looking at him through frosted glass. He also appears blurry in photos, which is a real pain for ol' Phillip. Poor guy can't take any clear photos of Sampson for his Critter Profile! We honestly don't have an answer for why this is, but Dr. May (Boring's resident vet and our liaison to the Supervisors) told us it was some sort of "temporal displacement". We don't quite know what that means, but if anything it makes Sampson more unique!

That's not the only strange thing about Sampson though. When he barks, it comes out much louder than it should. I mean even the ground shakes! When we first went to pick him up he barked at us and almost shook my fillings out. Well, it probably wasn't that severe but it was loud nonetheless. Both of his strange abilities seem random when apart, but together they make perfect sense. He's hard to see and his bark disoriented anyone near enough to hear it, which makes him the perfect guard dog!



Here's a picture of Sampson relaxing in the sun!

As we mentioned up above, we found Sampson over in Bull Run. He was wandering the countryside, barking at anyone who got near. We got word of him when he started terrorizing some cows on Marybeth's farm. Those cows must have really ticked him off, because when we got there he was barking up a storm. We almost found a nice parking spot in a ditch due to all the shaking. When we got to the farm, Dominic managed to get him into the van using some Beef Jerky.

We brought our questions up with May and she asked her superiors who told us that Sampson was most likely guarding something for some group called MC&D. They're some sort of club for rich folk that sells those strange things the Supervisors are always after. Things like Sampson I guess. That rich folk club might have even made Sampson strange, but I can't even begin to think of how they did so. I don't think I would want to think about how they did it, to be honest.

Anyhow, after we got Sampson back to the Wildlife Center he absolutely refused to leave the kennel in the van. We only managed to get him into an Enclosure by using half of Laura's turkey sandwich. Dominic led him right into there and Sampson gobbled that sandwich up like he was starving. He might have been for all we know. It was hard to check with Sampson being out of focus and all. That could also be why he's so difficult to see, so you can't tell if he's hurt and whatnot. He wasn't hurt as far as we could tell, so that's good!

Sampson also seems to have taken a likin' to Dominic. It might be because of that turkey sandwich that he gave to Sampson. Or it could be because he gave him that Beef Jerky. Whatever the reason, Dominic has volunteered to be Sampson's primary caretaker. Which I have no problem what-so-ever with! As long as the animals are happy, I'm happy.

Special Needs and Accommodations!

We've got Sampson in Enclosure 3 for now and he seems to be enjoying it so far. We would like to put him with some other canines, but with how aggressive he's been towards everyone but Dominic, we're afraid that he might injure them in defense. That seems pretty cruel on our part, but we don't want to injure any animals if we can help it. He doesn't seem to mind being on his own so far, but he'll have to learn to be more friendly at some point. He's also got his very own doggy pool now, and let me tell you, he loves to play in that thing. We can barely get him out of it!

Notes about Sampson!

On 7/10/2018 we got reports of several "Lost Dog" posters appearing around town. They all include a blurry picture of what appears to be Sampson and they also call him by the name Dominic gave him (which is Sampson). They were put up by a man named Jonathan Stanford, who claimed to be Dominic's brother. Which is strange considering that Dominic doesn't have any brothers. We told May and she told us that the Supervisors would look into it. The whole thing has Dominic a little shaken up. I tried talking to him about it, but he wouldn't say a word. Poor guy.

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