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Special Containment Procedures: Although efforts to contain SCP-XXXX are ongoing, feasible measures for complete containment do not exist at present. The most recent set of measures was adopted on 8/27/2025 following the Anomalous Weaponry Response Group meeting on said date. Current measures in place are based out of Site-71 and consist of the following:

  • Aggressive countermeasures against the creators and distributors of SCP-XXXX-1, including the use of online & media manipulation to tar the reputation of and neutralize trust in said creators;
  • Foundation webcrawler I/O-EMISSARY has been tasked to search all known and projected future websites where instances of SCP-XXXX-1 may appear;
  • The extraordinary rendition into Foundation custody or, if infeasible, termination of the creators of SCP-XXXX-1;
  • Predictive analytics engine I/O-FORESIGHT has been tasked with identifying current and potential future users of SCP-XXXX instances, determining the threat level, and tasking MTF Delta-19 ("Gun Control") with appropriate responses based on risk analysis.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the umbrella designation for a set of anomalous weapons currently being found among the civilian population of the United States of America (see images above for examples). Although the outward appearance of said weaponry is nonstandardized, all SCP-XXXX instances uniformly share their effect. When the trigger (or an equivalent firing mechanism) is activated while the weapon is aimed at a living individual, that individual's skin and other soft tissue will immediately dematerialize, followed by their skeletal structure exploding from within. Nearby individuals impacted by bone fragments will begin to ossify; the process is irreversible and consumes the individual in their entirety within seven to nine minutes, dependent on prior body mass.

SCP-XXXX-1 is the designation for a self-published work titled Breaking the Chains: A Guide to Liberating Yourself and Building the New World Order. The book is written from the perspective of and primarily for the 'survivalist' audience, with several chapters detailing the impending doom of current civilization due to a number of significant societal ills, such as ongoing resource and water conflicts, emergent diseases, and higher-order impacts of climate change such as the Global Transmigration. The material diverges from standard nonanomalous literature in its later chapters on 'practical survivalism', including material such as:

  • Chapter 17: "The Sovereign Citizens' Guide to their new Home Sweet Home". Instructs the user in an occult ritual for the creation of a pocket universe.
  • Chapter 21: "It's Our World, Fill It Back Up: Repopulation Tips & Tricks". Instructs the user in both classic principles of seduction and in the creation of a number of anomalous biological agents which, based on Foundation testing, are able to produce a variety of effects including, but not limited to, an instantaneous increase in endogenous oxytocin levels when ingested; increased fertility, resulting in births of up to fifteen children at once (notably, the effects do not extend to preservation of maternal health); and acutely decreased activity in frontal cortical areas corresponding to assertiveness and independence.
  • Chapter 25: "How to Defend Yourself When the World's Gone to Shit". Instructs the user in the creation of SCP-XXXX through a thaumaturgic ritual which utilizes a human heart as its focus to empower any type of firearm (whether real or replica) with SCP-XXXX effects. Foundation testing confirms the book's assertion that the ritual focus must be harvested and utilized within 2-3 hours to guarantee success.

Though some confiscated SCP-XXXX instances have been actual firearms, the vast majority have been found to be plastic weaponry, often generated via commonplace 3D printing techniques. Given the ubiquity of 3D printers, confiscation of all such items is considered at this time to be an infeasible undertaking. Regarding SCP-XXXX-1, instances have been found online in PDF format, and therefore it is virtually guaranteed that copies exist beyond the Foundation's reach. However, current containment procedures have been effective in suppressing knowledge of and the availability of SCP-XXXX-1 and limiting the adverse impacts of SCP-XXXX. As of today's date (08/31/2027), SCP-XXXX instances have been utilized in 37 acts of domestic terrorism and mass shootings, with a total of 756 casualties; a further 82 acts have been stopped by combined Foundation and FBI Unusual Incidents Units efforts. As this is considered to be an acceptable casualty rate, Foundation efforts are not to be escalated at this time.

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