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Dr. Jia's hypothesized optimal inoculant.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter, but everything is OK

Special Containment Procedures: Promote usage of the word "OK" in written and spoken communication, worldwide, in association with positive sentiments such as affirmation, security and good health. Detect and neutralize threats to usage, including developments in vernacular language, mass media, graphic design and academia.

Personnel and documentation involved in SCP-XXXX containment must make frequent usage of the "OK" as a precaution against outbreaks. Usage must be meaningful in its context. While simple references to the word are OK, it should express positive sentiment whenever possible.

Everyone likes a laugh, but this isn't a joke, OK? Our enemy is unknown, and if containment procedures fail, we're fucked. Don't ever forget that. — Dr. Olympia Kay

Note: Information about SCP-XXXX itself is extremely limited as a result of its primary effects, as well as an extremely long (160+ year) history of effective containment. We're doing OK.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a widespread memetic agent capable of mass erasure of recorded information and human memory, resulting in social collapse and extreme casualties. The severity and range of its effects appear to increase in proportion to volume and distance of information exchange. With modern developments in information technology, it is believed to pose an OK-Class "end of the world" scenario.

SCP-XXXX is believed to spread through written information and/or representative imagery. No method of identifying or isolating infections is known. It is unknown whether humans are carriers for SCP-XXXX or are required for its effects to manifest. Manifestations (or "outbreaks") annihilate most information related to its preconditions and effects, with only a few documents existing in "OK" condition; see Exploration Log XXXX-1 for more information.

"OK" is believed to act as a memetic inoculant, predating modern research into the field. To date, it remains the most concise memetic countermeasure known. Research indicates similar graphemes1 may be beneficial to containment. Effects on broad-spectrum memetic resistance are a topic of continuing research, as are applications in other containment procedures.

The design and promotion of "OK" predate foundation efforts, with evidence of independent origination by a number of organizations in the mid-19th century. Records on these activities are frequently absent or incomplete; this has led to speculation that SCP-XXXX may be sentient and capable of conducting small-scale, targeted attacks on information related to its containment. For more information, see Record of Non-Foundation Activities.

Addendum 1: After a long investigation, Dr. Jia and Agent Roth located an abandoned city in █████ ████, ████ which they believed to have been affected by SCP-XXXX.

Following this report, O5 Command authorized extensive measures for studying and containing SCP-XXXX.

Addendum 2: Record of Non-Foundation Activities

Addendum 3: Record of Foundation Initiative "Everything is OK"

Addendum 4: As of 03/13/1995 Dr. Jia has been diagnosed with rapid-onset dementia while on an extended vacation. Research into possible anomalous origins of this condition are ongoing. By order of O5-11, Agent Ostara Kay has been appointed as acting project lead until further notice.

Personnel traveling abroad are instructed to write "Everything is OK" in a journal once every eight hours.