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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation AICs are to monitor global surveillance networks, social media, law enforcement networks, and other online spaces for evidence of SCP-XXXX manifestations. Individuals witnessing these events are to be amnesticised, with evidence of the event to be destroyed after documentation. Any persons spreading information regarding SCP-XXXX are to be discredited.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a singular theropodal dinosaur of the species Tyrannosaurus rex measuring 12.7 metres long, 4 metres tall and weighing an estimated 9 tons.

SCP-XXXX irregularly manifests in unobserved locations globally in response to lone individuals coming into contact with between one and four attackers with no witnesses present. SCP-XXXX will then rapidly approach the assailants and violently attack them, frequently consuming assailants or trampling them underfoot before making a "Winking" gesture toward the former target of the assailant(s) and fleeing the area, de-manifesting when out of sight. While the presence of recording equipment such as security cameras does not deter the appearance of SCP-XXXX, it has never been observed to de-manifest in sight of any recording equipment.

Repeated observation of SCP-XXXX has determined that it is the same specimen, featuring consistent markings, coloration and scarring between manifestations. 83% of observed manifestations have involved SCP-XXXX appearing in response to humans under attack from other humans, 9% of manifestations have been triggered by animals under threat from humans, and 3% being animals under threat from other animals.

Interviews with persons to witness the anomaly have reported confusion with the events, along with the belief that they were saved by SCP-XXXX.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX's manifestation conditions were confirmed to apply to anomalous individuals at Containment Area 25b, when it terminated SCP-076-2, which was in the process of breaching containment. SCP-076-2 was observed to react dismissively towards SCP-XXXX, stating that an "Overgrown lizard" Would not be able to harm it. SCP-XXXX proceeded to rush SCP-076-2 before lunging and crushing it within its jaws, with SCP-076-2 managing to slash at its face before being killed. SCP-XXXX then winked at Agent Daniel ████████ before de-manifesting around a corner from Agent ████████'s eye line, in an area obscured from surveillance cameras vision.

Following this event, SCP-XXXX was observed to have deep scarring over its left eye as a result of its injury. When questioned about the attack, SCP-076-2 declined to comment.