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quick note maybe instead of goo the room sinks into the ground like submarine ???????? hm?? ohh and maybe i can still do the submarine thing maybe it makes a big old network of stolen sunk rooms all connected together yeah that sounds badass

Or maybe its like someone building a dream house throigh the temporal displacement of rooms or something maybe ??? or like they tried to do that and failed and now this is happening???? hmm

maybe the last time it happen a foundation person gets sucked away and the next -1 is a note in their handwriting saying somehting along the lines of "Dont activate it again, stop." And refer tosome mysterious them or thing because that sppoopy? I like this


The following file (SCP-XXXX) is restricted to the following personnel:

Level 2/XXXX

Level 3/XXXX

Level 4

Level 5

Unauthorized access to SCP-XXXX is considered a punishable offense. Disciplinary action will be taken.

If you have accessed this file in error:
  • Disconnect from SCiPnet servers
  • Completely shut off terminal
  • Alert active HMCL Supervisor and await further instructions


SCP-XXXX, approximately two months prior to manifestation.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralized Safe

Special Containment Procedures: At least one entry point to SCP-XXXX is to remain open at all times. Likewise, SCP-XXXX is to remain vacant, and all personnel denied access unless permitted during testing. In the event SCP-XXXX enters an active state or de-manifests, the active SCP-XXXX HMCL Supervisor1 is to be notified immediately.

Due to the current location of SCP-XXXX coupled with a lack of knowledge surrounding the phenomena, all testing of SCP-XXXX is currently prohibited.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a phenomena which manifests in an existing room in found in a residential building2. For the sake of brevity and clarity, the room in which SCP-XXXX manifests is also considered to be and designated SCP-XXXX. Only one instance of SCP-XXXX has been observed to exist at any given time. SCP-XXXX will only exhibit anomalous behavior when all windows, doors, and/or any other point at which one could enter SCP-XXXX3 are closed or otherwise rendered inaccessible via a physical barrier. Anomalous behavior typically exhibits as follows:

  • All entry points become impossible to open or enter. This effect remains for the entirety of the anomalous behavior.
  • The sound of a United States Navy diving alarm and a voice repeating the word "Dive" can be heard from an indeterminate source from inside SCP-XXXX.
  • SCP-XXXX-1 will emerge through the floor of SCP-XXXX and begin to fill the room.
  • SCP-XXXX-1 will continue to fill SCP-XXXX until the majority or entirety of the room's available volume is filled with SCP-XXXX-1.
  • After a seemingly arbitrary amount of time, SCP-XXXX-1 will exit SCP-XXXX through the floor through the same manor in which it entered.
  • All entry points unseal and can be used normally, all sounds and vocalizations cease. The process can then be repeated.

In the event an instance of SCP-XXXX were to be demolished or destroyed, a new instance will manifest in another residential building. The method by which a new room is determined, if any such method exists, is currently unknown.

SCP-XXXX-1 denotes any substance which enters SCP-XXXX as a result of SCP-XXXX entering an active state. In all observed SCP-XXXX instances, SCP-XXXX is typically water or some other liquid substance, though on occasion solid matter such as sheets of assorted metals, mechanical components, books, Canis familiaris remains, and Homo sapiens remains will manifest. Solid SCP-XXXX-1 instances from any given manifestation will be identical4, suggesting temporal displacement.

After some amount SCP-XXXX activations5, an acidic substance will manifest as SCP-XXXX-16. This SCP-XXXX-1 has been observed to denature and neutralize the instance of SCP-XXXX it manifests in.

As of 10/23/18, SCP-XXXX is Site-08 Dorm #: J463-2.