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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

I feel like I should add a note here for clarity. We are no longer in possession of SCP-XXXX. The containment procedures stated below are to be utilised in the case it is re-obtained.

Dr D███ ██████ didn’t disappear, despite rumors, he was seen working at a highschool in ███ ████ █████████, amnestied to high hell.

Dr D███ ██████’s theories are not to be taken seriously, regardless of how ‘insightful’ or ‘meaningful’ they might be, they have provided no insight into how to re-contain SCP-XXXX.

I wish to remind all Personnel that, for the most part, our search for understanding stops when it allows us to reliably contain the anomaly. If I get another pointless email about this thing I will petition to have this file restricted to a higher security level. Thank you for your understanding.

-Dr L█████

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX is to be kept on a glass observation pedestal in a standard safe object containment box with various implements to allow ease of observation.
In a 1m by 1m by 10 metre chamber with a watertight steel door and connected to a valveless plumbing system capable of accommodating a large, sudden influx of water.

Philosophical discussion surrounding SCP-XXXX should be avoided entirely by involved researchers.

This file and any currently applicable information discerned about SCP-XXXX via observation or study should be viewed only by personnel vital to the study and / or containment of SCP-XXXX. Any personnel who no longer fit this description should undergo specialised amnestic treatment, overseen by Dr Bankrest.

After reading any portion of the ‘Description’ section of this article, all personnel must subsequently read addendum-[tru] no less than 5 times and believe it. Because it is true. This procedure is observed with the purpose of limiting the number of people agreeing on applicable knowledge relating to SCP-XXXX, thus preventing unwanted subversion events.

Any individuals significantly affected by SCP-XXXX’s secondary effect designated SCP-XXXX 1-n should be administered with class-A Amnestics, disallowed further observation or knowledge of SCP-XXXX and encouraged to study some field of metaphysical philosophy, psychology or surrounding concepts. An individual (designated Observer-XXXX-n) with strong, regular relations to SCP-XXXX-1-n should frequently engage SCP-XXXX 1n in conversations about their studies and report immediately to head researcher Dr D███ ██████ Dr L█████ if any study remotely relating to SCP-XXXX is inferred.


SCP-XXXX Is a single Pale pink, translucent, red, translucent, deep yellow opaque, Lustrous golden, dark reflective brown, black reptilian scale of an oblate circle, rounded diamond, rounded trapezoidal shape. It measures 1.27 by 1.97 cm, 2.3 by 1.78 cm, 3.4 by 2.9 cm. It is composed of [Data Expunged]

SCP-XXXX manifests two anomalous effects.
At which time a group of undefined size (see Addendum-1) comes to a consensus on some property of SCP-XXXX, that property will spontaneously subvert this consensus. Observed changes include; Change in colour, shape and size, spectroscopic output, ███████████, results of DNA analysis, basal genetic structure, in special cases, spatial position (see Addendum-A).

SCP-XXXX will not entirely alter its physical appearance, always appearing to be some form of non distinct reptilian scale. SCP-XXXX does not usually disobey the law of conservation of mass or energy, likely accepting its restructuring process . SCP-XXXX cannot usually alter it’s spatial position. SCP-XXX’s anomalous effects cannot be altered by this phenomenon.

If the symbolic significance of SCP-XXXX in any mythological, psycological or spiritual structure1 is formulated to a sufficient degree and agreed upon by a sufficient group of people [Data Expunged] (See Addendum-A) This is the only known way in which SCP-XXXX can breach containment.

Humans that are allowed to interact with SCP-XXXX, that is, view it from multiple angles, pick it up to feel it’s weight, or otherwise discern its properties via direct sensory interaction have their trait openness raised significantly. This will weigh most heavily on the curiosity sub aspect.

In subjects that were previously low in openness, the resulting temperament will be a healthy archetype recognised by modern psychology. Subjects that were previously high in openness will become hyper curious and obsessive, being unable sleep healthy hours or devote time to tasks that they consider mundane, these include; eating, socialising, defecating / urinating and other usually essential tasks. These hyper curious individuals are designated SCP-XXXX-1-n.

Although few subjects have been properly tested were properly tested before testing was made impossible and discontinued (see Addendum-A), all hyper curious subjects manifested intense interest in metaphysical narrative and / or psychological structures, usually self identifying as ‘philosophers’, ‘meta psychologists’ or “investigator of the manifest super-ego” etc. It is unknown if this is a result of anomalous memetic inception or if these fields simply provide the most difficult or ‘fascinating’ research questions. These effects increase somewhat with the degree of interaction with SCP-XXXX Not properly determined.

Circumstances of Retrieval:

SCP-XXXX was found among the possessions of █████ ████████, after his disappearance was noticed as suspicious by an embedded agent in ██████ Australia in 20██. It was reportedly accompanied by a note reading “Never forget, you father is [Data Expunged] and your ignorance is danger”. This was apparently lost by the investigation before SCP-XXXX was brought into Foundation ownership.

Reportedly, the anomalous properties of the item were realized after it was taken as a souvenir and passed around the ██████ office the agent was embedded in. Frequent disagreements about it’s Color, size and shape caused the agent to investigate. According to the agent, the scale was originally drop shaped and pearlescent white. Administration of Amnestics to staff of the ██████ office was not considered necessary, due to the plausible deniability of the anomalous effects under the circumstances.


SCP-XXXX doesn’t really exist, you made it up in your head because you are insecure and create stories to make yourself feel intelligent. It has no shape, size or colour and has no wider meaning, other than that you need to find a fulfilling hobby.