Small area of containment
"Cone" ceiling, it can't jump and trap a human being if the ceiling is too small.
-__ celcius for eggs not to hatch

SCP x is an organism composed almost entirely out of a few centimeters flat thick skin tissue, the rest is a combination of cartilage and muscle. This skin can stretch as for mobile and hunting purposes. It has not been determined how much SCP can stretch without causing tearing of it's tissue. Around this skin the speciment counts with 20 (twenty) to 33 (thirty-three) sets of 4(four) centimiters claws wich it uses for grabbing either walls, ceilings or victims. SCP x has the ability to change color similar to the Chamaeleonidae family wich it utilizes for his hunt to be more effective.

SCP x diet consist on human meat and has a distinguishing way of killing it's victims. The creature will enter a house while trying to remain undetected, at the very moemnt it's presence has been notice it will try to run away from the threat. If not, SCP x will then start position itself on the ceiling and start mimicking the ceiling color.
It will wait until a human walks into the room, pouncing on it's victim and trapping them under it. At this point, SCP x will start segregating from it's skin an acid chemical wich first paralyze the victim and then liquifies the meat. It's currently unknown where this liquid it's stored. After this, the remainings are absorbed by SCP x through it's skin, this process runs between 2(two) to 3(three) hours from initial conctact with the victim.

, It is approximately a few centimeters thick that can strech a total of __ meters
__cm claws at every end of the creture
Chameleon type of camuflage
hunts grabbing and claking into ceiling and waits for victim to walk into the room
Jumps and traps victim, segregates a toxin wich paralize and decompose the victim, it eats of it's skin, "absorbs"
Skin is ay to punctuate and tear, but very resistant to impacts or brute force
It can trap multiple victims at the same time
Hunts at night (Not sleeping victims)
Eggs, nests, around 40-60 are laid, 1 week approximately hatch, adulthood is reached around 6 months. 5-7 years of life.

Attacked a villege, mass attack
3 captured, one survived:
since then, every instence is to be moved to a site or eliminated, same as his nest