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Item #: SCP-TBD

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-TBD is to be kept in standard class-c housing modified class-c housing with a large parlor and library on site – 72 and permitted class-c clearance. Staff members are to limit visits to two and a half hours to avoid any arguments. SCP-TBD is to be provided with any books he requests and limited access to other SCP files to aid in item acquisition. Use of SCP-TBD's anomalous abilities for finding personal items or items of little to no use to The Foundation is prohibited. Any testing of SCP-TBD’s anomalous abilities is to be carried out by MTF Xi – 8 “Cartographers”, due to prior incidents with less experienced staff (see Addendum 2). SCP-TBD has asked to be referred to as Dave by staff. This request is to be fulfilled at the discretion of individual personnel members.

Description: SCP-TBD is a man of undetermined age who possess mannequin white skin and lacks any notable features, including eyes, a mouth, ears, hair, freckles, naval, etc. Instead, SCP-TBD seems to have (undetermined due to anomalous properties) minor concave or convex structures where prominent features such as eyes would be located on his body. He speaks with a slight British accent, claiming his mother was from Norwich.

SCP-TBD enjoys "drinking" gin and tonic via unknown means and often requests such with a cheese plater or a plate of smoked salmon in the afternoon. How he consumes anything is currently unknown due to the difficulty found in describing him. This has been classified as a minor anti-memetic attribute with many subjects who have interacted with SCP-TBD having found extreme difficulty in describing him beyond a man with a blank face, being unable to recall clothing, height, or any other features. SCP-TBD also has notable persuasive skills, but these have been deemed non-anomalous.

SCP-TBD seems to have an extensive knowledge of history including the relative whereabouts of several missing or previously missing objects including the previously lost RMS Titanic, the Irish crown jewels, and Atlantis. Testing has shown that SCP-TBD can reliably locate less significant lost objects such as socks or watches with extreme ease. The time required to find an object varies with the shortest being 30 seconds for a set of keys hidden by staff and the longest being 4 months for a P.O.I. known for the illegal distribution of anomalous objects. It is currently unknown how an object is deemed "significant", but it has been hypothesized to be based on SCP-TBD's interest in the object. This has proved to be problematic due to SCP-TBD's extreme enthusiasm in matters relating to history and mysteries. Testing for more significant lost objects is ongoing.

Addendum 1: SCP-TBD seems to not mind and actually enjoys when expressions are drawn on him and often (comically) acts out said expressions.

Note: SCP-TBD has been moved from standard class-c housing to larger quarters containing a large front parlor and a library as requested. Request for a wood burning fireplace has been denied and replaced with a gas burning fireplace with a glass barrier.

Addendum 2: From henceforth, all expeditions in search of lost objects are to be executed and overseen by MTF Xi - 8 to avoid loss of time and personnel.