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Item #: SCP-3938

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entrance to SCP-3938 is blocked off by 20 foot Steel walls with a 15 foot tall steel gate. This SCP must be guarded at all times by security personnel. The security personnel must rotate shifts every thirty minutes. SCP-3938 can only be accessed by level 3 security clearance; anyone with lower security clearance must ask the site administrator for permission of access.

Description: SCP-3938, also known as “Tunnel 13”, is a highway tunnel that was built on December 19, 2003 at ████████,██████. SCP-3938 was contained on January 7, 2004 due to almost 100 reports of missing persons. During investigation of SCP-3938, ten field agents were sent to investigate the tunnel and only two successfully returned to report SCP-3938 to the foundation. SCP-3938 may seem like an ordinary highway tunnel in appearance but reports have indicated that upon entering there is no end to this tunnel. Reports also stated that the entrance disappears once a person is ten feet into the tunnel. All personnel who go in SCP-3938 most likely will never return from its midst. Upon further testing, in very rare cases, D class personnel have come out of the other end of the tunnel reporting that the tunnel was fine and had working electricity; even though power was cut from the first day of containment. D-Class personnel that were sent in reported loud screams every now and then. Continuing forward, D-Class personnel found SCP-3938-2 which, as described by the group of D-Class personnel exploring the place, were very fast humanoid creatures recorded running at 60 MPH by motion detectors. While video recording does not work in SCP-3938, audio recordings are sustainable.

Addendum: The following log contains the text transcript of an audio recording of a group of six D-Class personnel exploring SCP-3938 and encountering SCP-3938-2

Date: 1/14/2004
Begin Log: 3938-01
Dr.Cole: Is, uhh, everything fine in there?
D-Class-5: Yeah, everything’s fine. There are a lot of wrecked cars in here crashed into walls and stuff. It looks like there were people still alive in here.
Dr.Cole: (Scribbles Notes) what else do you see?
D-Class-2: There’s scratch marks all over the walls. It’s starting to give me the creeps.
D-Class-3: (loud screams in the distance of SCP-3938) What are those screams coming from man? I just want to get outa here!!!
D-Class-1: What the hell!?!?
D-class-6: What is that thing?
SCP-3938-2: (Loud Screeches)
Dr.Cole: Wha-What’s going on? Hello?
SCP-3938-2: (Sound of it biting into D-Class-3)
D-Class-3(Screams of pain) Ahhhhhhh. Get it off me. Get it off
D-Class-4(Sounds of heavy breathing and panting) I…I think I lost it.
Dr.Cole: What was it, number 4?
D-Class-4: I don’t know there were multiple. They were running so fast. They killed all of the other D-Class. It looked li-
D-Class-4(sound of number-4 getting thrown across the tunnel and breaking multiple bones) ahhhhrr, no no no no. plz, plz ahh-. (Sound cuts off)
End Log

PostWord: Two weeks later, another group of Class-D personnel were sent in and reported finding all of the Class-D personnel from the last group eaten to the bone.