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California’s southern desert was still, as it had remained for hundreds of years. The sun beat down on sands in spectrums of reds and yellows and brush in shades of greys and greens. A small bird peered out of a whole within its cactus, surveying the still life for the slightest movement. A wave of sand pounded against its tiny head, sending it shooting back into its spiky home.

A floating clay head had sent the waves, charging through the sands and plants. Two dark emotionless eye-holes above an unmoving mouth were carved in clay on the barreling object. It tore bushes and cacti aside in its relentless pursuit into nowhere.

“I was a fool! I was weak! Never again! Never! Anoati does not have weakness! Anoati can never be betrayed! I will make them all regret! They will taste the power of Anoati! Anoati is a god above all men!”

He chanted these to himself like a self-made mantra as he continued speeding forward.

- - - -

It was hot. Dr. Loyd woke up in something that was not his bed. Around him was an expanse of sand and barren shrubs.

- - - -

Ma Notes:
Anoati is pissed. He sees now that he’s been vulnerable and reliant on people, and he’s been hurt. Despite this coming from his own actions, he’s set on reclaiming his glory and casting aside any reliance on others. This does not involve being a nice guy. He’s going to kill to reclaim his power, and will go to any measure to exert his self-proclaimed authority.