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“You gotta be kidding me.”

It was late. Foundation Janitor Dan Manuel absentmindedly listened to the arguing labcoats in the room to his left, swishing his mop nonchalantly.

“Geez, I’m really sorry. I tried to make it fit better, but the schedule sorta just worked out like that. Only way it would happen.”

The slim figure apologizing was Dr. Jack Dromgoole. He was pushing one hand through his short black, curly hair. Nice guy, but he could be a bit much.

“Alright. So let’s see…I’ve already got 2263 and 3114. That’s the skin-taker and the assorted skeleton models. And 3988 is coming early now? Dammit, and I’ve got 077 and 250 coming in today because they were late!”

That short, stressed character was Dr. Hala King. She was pacing the floor, rubbing her forehead behind long, dark brown hair.

“Well, try looking on the bright side. You’ve got a lot to work with now!”

Dr. Dromgoole (Dr. Drom, as everyone called him) was a part-time assistant to the site director. To keep that position while also doing projects as a scientist musta been hella hard. If it was breaking him, it sure wasn’t showing; currently he was brandishing a nervous grin.

“Lot to work with? That’s five different SCPs! All at one time! I’m completely swamped!”

Dan didn’t know the official title of Dr. King, but she was the anatomy person. She did the dissecting and other tasks of that nature. Dan knew a lot of things about a lot of people as Site Janitor. For example, he knew all of Dr. King’s skips were skeletons for some project she was working on. All that mattered to him was that skeletons don’t leave big messes behind.

Dr. Drom turned his head, noticing Dan. “Hey, you’re not supposed to be listening in, you know.”

He wasn’t unfriendly, but Dan didn’t want to test him. He couldn’t help it, though; at this hour of night, barely anyone was left in the facility. It wasn’t as if he didn’t like working alone, but it does get to you after weeks and weeks. Foundation workers have the best conversations anyway.

“Don’t change the subject! This isn’t just a logistical nightmare, it’s also a safety hazard! We were prepared to hold two SCPs. Now we have five.”

“Well, everything’s been going fine so far.”

Then the lights went out.

Everyone stopped talking, now waiting. Dr. Drom urgently scanned the room’s openings, keeping still.

“Dan get over here right now.” Dr. Drom motioned towards Dan, though no one could see it.

There was a moment of anticipatory silence. The lights flickered between light and dark for a second before coming back on, now dimmer. They continually strobed on and off, on and off.

“Backup generators” Dan quietly remarked, now backed up next to Dr. King and Dr. Drom.

The intercom fizzed on with loud static before a shrill voice was blasted through the room.

“Nyehahah! Show’s on, ladies and gentleskeletons! The researchers have all gone home, and on this eve of much-honored spookery, it’s time to celebrate a skeleton’s swinging wake!”

Dr. King scrutinized the speaker. “What in the f-“

“Welcome, my bone brothers, to Napoleon Bonypart’s Bombastic Halloween Boogaloo! Heeyahahahah!”

The sound of metal sliding echoed through the halls. Dr. Drom jumped at the echo of a faraway crash and bumped into a stumbling Dan, who was rapidly closing the door behind him. Around them, a chaotic commotion was stirring up.

“W-what do we do now?” Dr. King whispered, eyes open wide.

“We stay here. I’ll shut the doors, and we wait for security. There’s only two doors, so we can have an exit should we need it.” Dr. Drom brought his hand into a thumbs-up with a faltering smile. “Just stay calm and we get through this.”

Dr. Drom crept towards the second door, not closed by Dan, as Dr. King and Dan watched close together. He lowered his face to see the keypad in the unsteady light.

Dr. Drom looked apologetically at the other two. “It’s forced open. I’m sorry, we need a code to lock the door.”

Dan strided to the door. “Let me see.” He muttered, typing in numbers to the pad. In seconds, the small, dirty screen flashed green and the metal door almost slid shut, stopping inches from the wall.

Dr. Drom peered over his shoulder. “You shouldn’t know that.”

“You watched me typed it in. Are you supposed to know it?”

“Guys, It didn’t work.” Dr. King pointed out from across the room.

“Well give me a second, I’m not a miracle worker!” Dan looked over the small crack, inspecting it from top to bottom.

A few, small white cylinders lay on the floor between the door and the wall. “See, it’s just something blocking the door.” Dan waved away Dr. King. His hand then moved to pull on his collar. “Did someone turn off the air cond-” Dan turned around to face a glowing red skull melting through the steel door, shining like a burning star. He let out a scream as his eyes met white spots pierced from hollow eye sockets above a limply hanging jaw, open as if ready to take a large bite.

“Skeleton incoming!” Dr. King shouted. “We need to move!”

The skull fell through the door, moving through as if it were butter. A molten-red skeletal body followed, one arm raised out to grab in a blistering hold. Dan clumsily stumbled and pushed Dr. Drom as the two booked it towards Dr. King, already pulling opening the door on the other side of the room. The searing skeleton began to run after emerging from the door, leaving blackened footsteps behind it. A sound similar to an airy, aggressive exhale or scream emanated from its hanging jaw.

As they exited the room, Dan grabbed a tall stool and thrust it at the oncoming inferno. As he shoved it forward, the red flames turned to an icy blue. The piercing white eyes remained as the flames shrunk into steam and the room’s temperature sunk. Upon touching the skeletal hand, the stool began to crystallize. It’s other hand smashed through the frozen stool, now brittle and shattered.

“Well, shit!” Dan ditched the makeshift weapon and caught up with the other two, running down a long hallway. After a few minutes, they had lost it.

“Great job arranging this fiasco, Drom.” Dr. King held her knees, panting.

“Wait wait, don’t you think that’s a bit unfair?”

“Well I wasn’t in charge of bringing the skips here!” Dr. King spat. “And if that bony asshole Napoleon somehow revived every skeleton in this part of the site, which specializes in skeletons, we’re in deep shit. So what now, Mr. Assistant Director?”

A tense pause.

“We need to get to Napoleon. He’s not evil, I’m sure we can talk him out of-“

“I’m afraid I can’t help you oh jeez please move on I need you to leave right now don’t touch me..”

An unknown, panicked voice came from the door to their left. A brown-haired, tall woman was backing away from an off-white skeleton crawling over a desk to get near her inside a small, cramped office.

“Come on, fleshy mama! Gimme some of that meat!”

“Back off! Oh god back off.”

“You gots too much anyways! Come on, get over here.” It reached a slender hand forward.

Dan rushed towards the scene, grabbing a heavy book off of the desk.

“You heard her, back off!”

He smacked the skeleton across the head, sending the skull tumbling off the desk. The woman looked at the janitor, and then dashed towards the other two.

“Hey, that’s not fair! What we got’s between me and the little lady! Gimme back my head!” Came a muffled voice. The body flailed around the room, lost. Dan followed the unnamed woman and closed the door behind him.

“Oh thank god you’re safe.” Dr. Drom sighed a breath of relief. “I didn’t think there was anyone else working so late, Dr. Taylor.”

“Yeah, working late on a report you left me.” She said, with only a slight tinge of annoyance washed over by a tired tone. She turned to the others, extending a hand to each in turn. “Dr. Allison Taylor, psychologist. Glad I’m not alone in this…skeleton problem. So, what’s your plan?”

“I figure we can talk to Napoleon Bonyparts - if he caused this, he can stop it.”

“I-uh, don’t think this is a great time to say this, but I really don’t like skeletons.”

“Great. Listen, the broadcast room is close to a rec room. If that skeleton freak and his party are anywhere, that’d be our best bet. I know the way.” Dan chimed in.

Dan led them down the hallway and off a corner, before stopping them all with a sweep of his arm. In the distance ahead of them was a crowd of skeletons, loudly dancing and cheering down a fork in the hallway.

“Damn my need for real skeleton experiments.” Dr. King cursed. “Looks like my experiments are going the same way we are.”

Dr. Drom turned to Dan. “Is there another way?”

“Depends.” He backed away, pushing the rest of the group around the corner and out of sight.


“How lucky you’re feeling.” Dan motioned towards a sealed door to their left.

“…I don’t know what skip’s in the room.” Dr. King examined the door. “Must have come late. Well, Drom?”

Dr. Drom withdrew his keycard and entered it into the door’s keypad after typing the code he’d seen earlier. The group jammed themselves into an air-locked room as Dr. Drom opened the next door.

“Okay, so whatever happens, run to the other side. There’s a door on the other side of the room that leads the right way.”

“Is-is this really the only option?” Dr. Taylor nervously stared at the door ahead of her.

Oblivious to the question, Dr Drom called. “Here we go!” As the door slid open.

Inside, a skeleton in an ill-fitting suit was handling decaying bones covered in dark runes below an eery yellowing skull, missing its jaw.

“Woo-ee! Look at those golden yellows!” It clamored, attaching a final decrepit foot and finishing the illustrated skeleton. As soon as the piece was in, the shadowy eye sockets and nostrils of its skull began to emanate a sickly green fog, which the suited skeleton jumped away from, disappearing out the opposite door.

“Yowzas! Can’t a skeleton do a skeleton a favor!?”

This all happened in a matter of seconds, in which the human group was watching. When the skeleton stood up, Dr. Drom turned to his partners.


They dashed through the room in a mad chase to catch up to their suited target. As soon as the door ahead of them closed shut, the emaciated skeleton slowly turned its rough head, leaving a trail of thick green vapor behind. It slowly began shifting into a grinding motion towards Dr. Taylor.

“Crap crap crap crap!” She shouted as all four of them split and ran on opposite sides of the fog-spewing skeleton.

All the others had reached the door, but Dr. Taylor slipped on something unknown, plummeting to the ground. She fell downwards into a pile of brownish-yellow ooze, her face inches away from a terrified visage sticking out of the muck, frozen in permanent fear and melting into the ooze. Taylor screamed, dragging herself out from the heap. She dashed to meet the others as the rune-covered skeleton stumbled closer, emanating its thick fog. Reaching the opposite end, the door shut behind her, locking shut.

“Everyone okay?” Dr. Taylor checked each partner in the hallway, breathlessly.

“Are you okay? You fell right into that crap!” Dr. Drom held her shoulder.

“What-what was that crap?” Dr. King asked, tense.

“…Potatoes.” Dan remarked grimly. “Heard about this one, although it used to just be a skull. That green stuff turns things into potatoes.”

“Isn’t that information pretty classified?” Dr. Drom inquired. “How do you know that?”

“Not the time for that. The fog can melt through almost anything, too, so we should get going.”


And the team moved on. They followed Dan’s directions for a matter of minutes. The facility would remain still and silent, then echo with the ghost of shrieking laughter and undead revelry.

A fork in their path presented itself, providing a sealed door to the right and a broken one on the left, continually sliding open and shut next to the sparking remains of a keypad.

“Hey, that’s my office.” Dr. King peered into the overwhelming darkness behind her door. Her hands were shaking as she searched the walls for a light switch.

“Come back! Something’s in there!” Dr. Taylor whispered to King, standing right in the door. Dan stood behind her, waiting in the hall while Dr. Drom stood a couple feet behind Dr. King.

“I, uh, hate to stop you but we need to get out of here!” Dr. Drom whispered, looking back nervously at the two in the doorway. Dr. King turned to him swiftly.

“My assistants were in here!”

Dr. King’s eyes were wide and beginning to tear. Dr. Drom could only look down at his feet as King continued her search along the plaster wall. With the talking finished, a small tearing sound crept from the center of the office space.