Dream Broadcasts

Item #: SCP 3130
Object Class: Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP 3130 sightings and reports are to be flagged and removed wherever possible, with amnestics and standard information control protocols performed. At least once a month, tests are to be performed on SCP 3130 to ensure calibration and continued output of SCP 3130. On site personnel are permitted to use SCP 3130 for therapeutic use at most twice a month, and must report to medical and psychological screening the mornings prior. Foundation resources are to ensure that radio companies and producers of radio technology have the channel that SCP 3130 broadcasts over disabled.
Description: SCP 3130 is a radio broadcast on both [REDACTED] AM and [REDACTED] FM which when played for conscious listeners displays standard static. However, when persons are able to hear SCP 3130 are sleeping, multiple memetic effects occur. During REM sleep, victims of SCP 3130 are able to control their dreams, reporting extremely long, vivid dream sequences which are supposedly extremely relaxing. Should the dreamer choose to “let the dream go”, which the dreamers report as feeling second nature, SCP 3130 enhanced dreams will begin to display the dreamer’s subconscious, revealing previously repressed memories, and resolve emotional issues the dreamer feels. The environment and world of the dreams show no recurring patterns, besides a humanoid, hereby referred to a SCP 3130-1. SCP 3130-1 looks identically to psychologist Sigmund Freud, and will generally act similarly to written descriptions of his mannerisms, including asking invasive questions, habitual smoking, and a notable interest in the sexual life and familial life of the dreamer. SCP 3130-1 is seemingly invincible in these dream sequences, and through multiple attempts to interact SCP 3130-1, only attempts at verbal communication, and/or offers of imagined material goods actually coming into contact with its form. SCP 3130-1 seems to ignore questions on the nature of SCP 3130-1, and generally ignores staff who use SCP 3130-1 multiple times in an attempt to contact SCP 3130-1. Because of the therapeutic and escapist nature of SCP 3130, site staff are to have multiple agents and researchers with access to SCP 3130, and extremely strict monitoring of use to ensure a lack of abuse. As well, SCP 3130’s broadcast channel is to be stricken from non-devoted devices.