Dreaming Johnny

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is kept in a holding cell at Humanoid Containment Site 06-3. The cell should be equipped with a Screen Braille Communication Device and the Site should have access to a text to braille converter for books and magazines. As such SCP-XXXX may choose to receive any work of fiction, formatted and delivered so it will be able to read it through the Screen Braille Communication Device.

Further the cell should be equipped with 25kg white art clay, an electric clay wheel, one clay shaper, a set of six carving knives and a generous assortment of other mudtools and shapers. A clay oven is available of site and SCP-XXXX should be asked once a week if it wishes to have any of its creations fired to be preserved.

SCP-XXXX should be visited daily at 700 and 1900 hours by a single guard, the guard should be advised that these visits should not be seen as social visits and not take longer than necessary. SCP-XXXX might often express loneliness and try to engage guards in conversation or ask them to play games with it. Personnel should be reminded that they are not to engage with SCP-XXXX in this way but leave as quickly as possible. It is important that SCP-XXXX does not form emotional bonds with anyone outside of the research team.

Members of the research team will be scheduled to spend one hour daily interacting with SCP-XXXX as this has shown a longtime increase in cooperation as well as communicative skills in the lifeform. Visits should chiefly be spent engaging SCP-XXXX in dialogue or play. Games such as Othello or Chess will be made available as SCP-XXXX has been able to learn these.

ADDENDUM Prior to their first visit personnel should be advised that SCP-XXXX might ask to be allowed to touch them, often on their hands and/or faces. Personnel is encouraged to allow this as it often strengthens SCP-XXXX emotional bond to the person. But they should only allow it if they believe that they will be able to hide their negative reactions from SCP-XXXX. Otherwise they are advised to demure or distract SCP-XXXX until the question is forgotten.

ADDENDUM SCP-XXXX has expressed several times the wish to meet or send letters to a “Helen Keller” who SCP-XXXX has become aware of through its reading. Personnel is to promise to forward any such letters and later hand these over to the lead researcher. Under no circumstances must SCP-XXXX be alerted to the fact of Helen Keller’s death.

In the unlikely event that SCP-XXXX attempts and succeeds with an escape guards are ordered to handle SCP-XXXX with outmost care. They guard team is advised to attempt to restrain SCP-XXXX with nets and carry it back to its cell as gently as possible. Tasers must only be used on SCP-XXXX in extreme circumstances when it is likely that the Foundation otherwise would lose SCP-XXXXX. Use of lethal force must be sanctioned by the Site Director.

ADDENDUM Some guards has express a wish to terminate SCP-XXXX. Stating that they would wish to put it “out of its misery” and claiming that it could not be said to have a sufficient quality of life. Some personnel have also expressed a frustration over Foundation resources being taxed by taking care of SCP-XXXX instead of being spent containing actual threats. Any guards expressing this opinion must be severely reprimanded. The lead researcher may later in concurrence with Site Director show the guard in question LOG XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is a single instance of a lifeform composed entirely of more than one thousand instances of reproductive intromittent organ from an increasing number of human males. The different organs are all healthy and seems fused together with a minimum of scaring. Examination has found no sign of infection between the different genitals despite them being incompatible due to difference in genome and/or blood type.

SCP-XXXX completely lacks lungs, heart, vital organs or any system for intake of nutrients of any kind. The best current explanation is that SCP-XXXX siphons nutrients and oxygen from bloodstreams using the same spatial manipulation that causes new genitalia to appear.

At SCP-XXXX latest examination it weighed 184,6kg and was 190cm long. The shape can be described
as cylindrical with four appendages, each roughly 30cm long. Due to being mostly composed of erectile tissue the being is capable of changing its shape somewhat by manipulating its extensive cardiovascular network, increasing and decreasing in volume. This is also its chief mode of locomotion, crawling by making different parts of its body become “erect” and then shrink using the friction to pull itself forward at a circa speed of 10m/11min.

During the time it has been under observation SCP-XXXX has increased in mass a total of [Redacted] times. At every instance it has done so by the appearance of a single new genital from a human male somewhere along the exterior of its body. Each new genital appears fully functional and already connected to SCP-XXXX blood stream and nervous system.

DNA-tests performed on different parts of SCP-XXXX has been able to find matches for several genitalia. In all cases where a match was found the man was found to be suffering from “genital retraction syndrome”. A delusional disorder in which a man becomes convinced that his genitals are shrinking and disappearing into his body. Genital retraction syndrome is found all over the world, such as in Kinshasa, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, Northeast India and has often been believed to be the result of witches or black magic. Mentions of it can be found in Malleus Maleficarum, Chinese medical texts as well as in the court transcripts of several European witch trials.

Note that in no cases the Field Agent were able to study where the genitals found to be actually missing despite the DNA-match.

SCP-XXXX was initially found by a team of archeologist during an excavation in a small rural church close to [REDACTED] colloquially known as [REDACTED]. Sonar had revealed a small chamber underneath the church, assumed to be a crypt that was the goal of the dig.

The Foundation was alerted through routine surveillance of an incoherent call to the local authorities. Field Agents were able to quickly have the situation under control. All present were detained and given standard doses of amnesia-serum after questioning.

It seems SCP-XXXX was discovered as soon as the team breached the chamber. The team initially mistook SCP-XXXX for one, or several corpses, and only grew alarmed when SCP-XXXX begun moving towards them. They then fled the chamber and alerted the authorities.

Foundations experts performed a survey of the chamber and found some clues to the age and purpose of the room. The chamber seems to originally have been the foundations of a dolmen, a druidic religious building common in the region, most likely built in third of forth century CE. However, items such as tallow candles and cups were found and seem to indicate that the chamber saw intermittent use into the 16th century.

Surgery log date 2010-08-02
Dr. Shipman is presiding, nurse Nakamura and nurse Scholten is assisting.
Dr. S: “Subject was given sedative at 1600 hours… without any noticeable effect. Sedatives were administered again at 1645 hours and 1720 hours but the subject remained alert. After a consultation with Dr. MacMillan the subject was restrained and instead given local anesthesia along the… the… the back… ridge at 1800 hours. The operation begins at 1805.
Dr. S: “Initial cut… peeling back outer layers… we are seeing further erectile tissues… I’m seeing well distributed vascular network and a lot of nerve… lot of nerve-endings. I am beginning to cut into the second layer of organs now.
[commotion] subject is fighting the restraints… we have probably gone deeper than the area affected by the local anesthetic. Seeing some blood here. Nurse Suction! Clasps! Now, no sign of scar tissue, the different… organs are all