DrFournier Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Place SCP-XXXX in 'standard containment unit' in the SCP facility with a level 3 lock on the door. No other containment procedures needed as it has no abilities on its own.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small cube of what appears to be a midnight blue quartz material. At first it would appear to exhibit no supernatural properties but after [Redacted] took said SCP, it was found that the SCP in question is able to change in size. The change in size appears to be random but is limited too a minimum of 3.034" to a maximum of 5.36".

After testing of SCP-XXXX by various D-Class personnel it was found to be a 'anti-cognitohazard', and that it can nullify or reduce minor to somewhat major cognitohazards from various other SCP's (for example SCP-895's insanity causing broadcast will be almost completely nullified unless viewed for the period of more than 8 minutes and 37 seconds SCP-XXXX loses its effect and the person in question will go insane and henceforth expire).

Any other effects have not been discovered as of [Redacted].

To gain the aforementioned effect the SCP must be held on one's person. As the size of the anomaly changes considerably it cannot be stored in a normal pocket, so a bag or a similar item is recommended for testing of its effects.


SCP-XXXX was found near a lake 5 miles from [Redacted], further searching of said area required to attempt to find more anomalies if such exist.