The Girl who knows all


Subject class:Keter

Goes by: Lilly when scp 049 speaks to her

Scp 3460 is a small young girl around the age of 4 and is highly intelligent she is known to be the most dangerous in the facility knowing how to escape. She must be kept in a facility with water around her and the floor which holds her must be bullet and unbreakable bendy glass. She is not permitted to be around certain personnel in which she could use their weakness against them, The doctor and health team are only able to go in to observe or care for and if told other wise she must be asleep when cleaning her area up. her food consists up of red salmon fish mixed with whatever food she wants at that day, she eats 5 times a day due to not having a similar immune system like we do.

Scp3460 is only allowed to communicate with Scp:049 and Scp:███ due to them not knowing how to kill her and her not understanding how to communicate with them.


Brown hair that goes past her waist with bright piercing green and black eyes along with her right cheek bone being exposed.
ripped dress from the sleeves to the bottom, when crying blood or some sort of red gooey liquid comes out of her eyes which has been observed and not able to touch with bare hands it will burn the flesh and bone to non existence.


Conversation with Scp3460

Dr█████:"do you know where you are?"

Scp3460:"The facility." now a deep tone

Dr█████:"are you mad at us for keeping you locked in here?"


Dr:█████:"I am sorry."

Scp3460:"this interview is through."

Dr█████:"it is not over till i say it is now please sit down."

Scp3460:"you all are going to regret keeping all of us here."


After the interview scp3460 killed Dr█████ and was no longer seen in her containment. the staff put her back in when she was caught at Scp 049's containment.

Note:Keep Scp3460 near Scp049 - Dr Gibbs.