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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in any display case with one electronic lock and one mechanical lock when not used in testing. All subjects affected by SCP-XXXX in the final stage must have their deaths carried out to prevent casualties involving essential personnel after incident I-XXXX-V. (See Appendum XXXX.2) Subjects are to be locked within SCP-XXXX's containment chamber to minimize personnel casualties and damage to Foundation property.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a golden ornate crown with five colored gems originating from [REDACTED], Scotland.1 SCP-XXXX’s effects only take place when placed on the head of a human subject. The subject will experience prophecies involving their own future from vague descriptions to detailed visions that appear to be pre-determined by the entity. This suggests that the object has reality bending abilities at a small scale as all cases have been confirmed to occur, resembling every detail within visions despite all efforts to avoid the event with. Despite this, there have been five exceptions thus far all involving self-termination and appears to be the only way to divert these prophecies (See Appendum XXXX.1).

Excessive exposure to the effects can cause psychological changes, causing the subject to believe that they are the King of Scotland. Due to this, they begin referencing several events from the Shakespearean tragedy “Macbeth”, but otherwise retaining the same personality, mannerisms, and memories before exposure to SCP-XXXX. After approximately one hour of exposure, the subject will gain a vision detailing the conditions of their death, which will occur within 48 hours, despite the improbability of the conditions. It should be noted that in no cases are subjects able to alter the effects at the final stage, even if they remove the crown. Subjects are unable to revert any changes SCP-XXXX has done to their memories and beliefs, but have the capability to avoid their designated death prediction by method of premature self-termination (See Appendum XXXX.2) Amnestic use has proven to have no effect on removing memories of the visions or the belief that the victim is the King of Scotland.

Appendum XXXX.1: Audio logs representing several tests conducted to explore the effects demonstrated by SCP-XXXX performed on D-73748 was recorded between ██/██/██ and ██/██/██ for the purposes of studying the effects and visions SCP-XXXX provides:

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX's prophecies can range from minor to major, as well as bring more questions than answers. Investigations on the cult surrounding SCP-XXXX's history have yet to be authorized.

Appendum XXXX.2: An incident involving an exposure on D-84953 during ██/██/██. An interview was conducted with D-84953 to determine the vision they have seen due to the intense panic and hysteria they have displayed during exposure.

Closing Statement: SCP-XXXX appears to cause anxiety and psychosis in victims even during short exposure depending on the content viewed, and can present the death of the subject prematurely.2 Predicted deaths can be prevented via self-termination at the cost of the prediction affecting another individual. No traits seem to pre-determine this change.

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