Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Faith must be contained in a small room, no larger than 7x7x7, she may not request anyone to be with her or have anything that amplifies sound. She is allowed to request objects of a religious nature that are not related in anyway to the Devil. When her cell becomes steamed with XXXX-2, a single person is to enter with a hazmat suit and clean the windows, under no circumstances are they allowed to remove the suit. In her cell, she would usually start singing songs or try to speak to some of the scientists working on her, under no circumstances should you listen to her.


Faith is a humanoid entity that looks like a 25 year old woman wearing a flower dress which, at the bottom, appears to disintegrate every so often. When fully disintegrated, the dress seems to do the opposite and remake itself. The reasoning behind this is still unknown. She is also able to speak fluent English and has an American accent. Another one of her anomalous abilities, is that wherever she walks, a light blue cloud of mist surrounds her, anyone breathing in this air would start hallucinating and start seeing things that either aren't there or look different. We call this XXXX-2 or The Mist as others call it.

She uses this to her advantage to trap men and women, to which they walk towards her in order to receive something, either of sexual nature or religious nature. Afterwards, when they get close to her, Faith begins turning into a demonic entity and starts consuming the subject, usually from below their waist. As it seems, when interviewed, subjects affected by XXXX-2 do not see her transform and she remains the same. Apparently, when she starts consuming the subject, in XXXX-2, it looks like she's doing something else entirely. Information yet to be found out on what she does.

She was found when a farmer saw a woman skipping about in his fields with a cloud of light blue mist was around her. The farmer was no where to be found and his wife contacted the police. We later intercepted it and took control of the situation.