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[[include component: | name=SCP-9460| caption=Anomalous Figure Sketch | width=WIDTH-GOES-HERE]]

Item #: SCP-9460

Object Class: Safe/Euclid/Keter (Keter)

Special Containment Procedures: +[We had Locked Scp-9460, The Depressed Man, we raided his home in police uniforms to blend in, we cuffed him and put him in a police van and took him to the site. He seemed relieved, and looked like he wanted a death sentence, the anomalous figure itself is unable to be contained, however if there is no suicidal entity within 5000ft it will not leave this man until he dies after a failed attempt of killing him. The anomalous figure will leave him when he dies and search for another suicidal person thats easy to kill with distraction. So we take suicidal D-Class here when he's dying, and put them at a life threatening situation that another D-Class has to save him from.]

Description: +[The Man is skinny, 5ft10, bald, wears a ripped, stained, Camo Shirt, a hat, jeans. The Anomalous figure, is visible to everyone if seen at the right time, it is 9ft9, red fleshed, veins are visible threw the skin, bones are skinny and long, and has a bright light on its face and can not be seen by photo's or cameras. the shadowy figures are uknown, the man refuses to describe them saying hes never tried looking at their faces but can see a long black tongue and sharp teeth. The Anomalous Entity's backstory is uknown currently.]

Addendum: +++[Interview with Dr.████████: "What's your name?" The Depressed man responds with "David." Dr.██████: "What's your story with it?." David: "I was going to kill myself at the train station far down the tracks, ready to kill myself, when I notice on top of a garage unit i see a tall skinny creature with no face, atleast i think it doesnt have a face, I mean, its face isnt visible, its just a bright glowing blur." Dr. ████████: "I'm going to write all this down… what else? did you feel anything?" David: "My brain froze, i couldnt think, and my eyes were staring into space for what felt like weeks, but i was stuck staring at it, i started to feel uneasy but i couldnt move other then stare at it." Dr.█████: "Allright, what happened next?" David: "The train was coming, I could hear it, but when i turned to look, i couldn't. But i started to feel light and i was slightly lifting off my feet." *Dr.██████ scribbles it down* Dr.██████: "Please continue with the story but draw a picture of what it looked like." *Dr.██████ Hands him a pencil, and collored pencil with a piece of paper.* David: *Starts drawing* "That's when someone grabbed me and saved my life and knocked me to the ground, but when i looked back where the creature was, it was gone but there was slight black mist where it used to be that then faded." Dr.██████: "Any side affects after that?" David: "Yes, atleast i think so." David said while he scribbled David: "That night in bed i had a dream and it was there, it kept on telling me somthing, i couldn't understand it fully, its voice was echo like, and deep and repeated over itself but spoke numbers and letters, I don't know what it said though, sorry." Dr.██████: "Hmmm, ok keep telling me more." David: "It wouldn't leave me alone! when i woke up there were shadows all around me! surrounding me! atleast 8! i tried to move but after what feels like hours, i can move and there all gone!" Dr:██████: "Interesting… Have some water, you look sick." David: "Every Morning I get sick too! i get a common cold." Dr. ██████: "I'm going to leave now, ive set up multiple cameras around you, they will film you while you draw to make sure your ok." David: "Ok…" *Dr.██████ gets up and leaves* 15 minutes go by and he gets a panic attack, screaming and crying as he throws a camera to the wall. his face tells hes seen somthing he didn't want to see. 35 more minutes later, he's still crying but now he's crying blood. It seems when he got to the face of the creature he starts acting up and scribbling all over it, from our guess we assume its just a ball, with no facial features at all. 1 hour and 15 minutes later, he's lying on the floor, passed out from blood loss, Dr.██████ sends in 2 facility guards, a D-Class janitor, and a facility nurse to refill his blood with donated blood. The D-Class janitor mops up the blood while finding red shards in the blood, described as crystals made of blood that glow when hes crying. The facility guards grab the paper and return it to Dr.██████. The paper is covered in blood, a dark red sticky substance, and surrounded by black mist.