SCP-4000 "The Jumpy Slinky"

Item #:4000

Object class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is to be kept in a 14' by 12' titanium containment chamber. SCP-4000 is kept at Site-19.

Description: It is a plastic, teal colored slinky that cannot stop moving. When SCP-4000 runs into any surface, the object seems to climb up or down the object as if it was going down a flight of stairs. Object appears to be able defy the laws of gravity. During testing the object kept moving through any conditions even though it should be physically impossible. SCP-4000 was put in SCP-914 and on all options the outcome of SCP-4000 was the same as before. When humans are in a 3' radius of SCP-4000 they are compelled to pick it up. When SCP-4000 comes in contact with humans, the human seems to jump uncontrollably, D-[REDACTED] was killed in an accident when he jumped and landed on his neck causing a similar death as to SCP-173's "Neck Snap." When the Humans are jumping they seem to be prone to land on their neck, even if not physically possible.

Discovery: SCP-4000 was discovered in Dr.████████ █████ personal locker.