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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Describe the simple procedures: SCP-XXXX can be kept in a box. Still need something to hint at the nature, though.

Objective of this section: To give a teaser as to what the SCP is.

Description: Here is where we lay out what it actually does. While the sand is falling, the person who flipped it ages as the sand falls. As it's falling, they don't realize they are aging (when it's brought up, they say stuff like "Time flies, huh?"). Then, in the last 10 seconds or so, they see how old they've gotten. This is accompanied by strong feelings of regret ("I could've done so much more!"). The subject doesn't recognize how strange the situation is; to them, they've gotten old and let their days waste away. When the last grain of sand falls, they revert back to their original state (usually accompanied by feelings of relief).

Objective of this section: To lay out in clinical terms what the SCP does. This means that emotions like what is in the brackets should only be briefly mentioned if at all, and really heavy emotional responses should be saved for the test logs.

Testing Logs:

Only one test log is probably going to be the best course of action, so the emotional aspect isn't spread out too much. What's left to decide is whether the test subject will be a D-Class or a researcher. I feel like the researcher would be easier for the reader to empathize with, as the D-Class would be expressing regret that would have some amount of focus on the crime they committed (and I imagine most readers aren't on death row). However, I'll attempt both methods.

If I go with the researcher option, I'll have to make it clear in the description that there was initial D-Class testing, as it wouldn't make sense for a researcher to expose themselves to an SCP right off the bat.