DrJechtAlchest's Container of Granulated Silica, Quartz, and Calcium Carbonate

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Special Containment Procedures
SCP-TEMP is to be contained within Lead-Tungsten composite shielding, with a thickness no less than 40 cm from any point, with an access hatch-airlock to prevent undesired Radiation in, or Anti-Radiation out. Access only to be granted for the purpose of testing, by personnel with level-2 Clearance, and rudimentary understanding of Nuclear Physics.
Description: SCP-TEMP is the Reactor compartment, Heavily modified S5W Reactor, and Primary System, from the remains of the USS Thresher (SSN-593). The entire Reactor and primary system is in a constant state of operation, without input. This operation appears to be a form of inverted nuclear fission. As external radiation is absorbed, Anti-matter radiation is released directly proportional to radiation absorbed. Notably, this Anti-Radiation stops cell growth and reproduction in living cells. Bacteria cultures expire upon exposure. Complex organisms still function, however are unable to produce new cells, preventing healing, and halting metabolic function. See Addendum for extensive testing and investigation.
TEMP-1 is a tech-manual kept in a wall mounted, lead lined box. Bold red ingraved letters embossed on the outward facing side stating 'IN CASE OF EMERGENCY ONLY'. The binding of the manual is composed of woven steel, Borated Polypropaline, with a Lead chain bookmark, unaffected by corrosion. Blueprints within describe construction impossible with known conventional laws of physics. For instance, within Primary system in place of a standard Pressurizer, Klein Bottles are used to stabilize pressure within the system, yet the spout appears to intersect though another dimension. Metals noted in manual for primary system repair are to be requisitioned directly from the desk of Rear Admiral Rickover. Further investigation into Admiral Rickover is pending approval.
Discovery: NTF Σ-58 “Bottomfeeders” While persuing SCP-4233, Noted a construct on the seafloor, roughly 200 miles off coast of Maine, while on standard observation of SCP-4233. Upon visual inspection noticed solid ice enveloping the metal of the compartment, Thermal Imaging noted that . NTF Σ-58 instructed to pull the mass to the higher sea shelf for investigation.
Its anomalous effect was made apparent when innitial probing of the structure was performed. Erring on the side of safety, Naval Task Force members brought radiation detecting devices within sensing range, all devices read below background (< 0.17-0.39mSv/hour), those with digital readouts indicated negative, directly proportional to a nuclear reactor under full operation (>1000mSv/hour). At which time Task Force retreated to a safe distance, and requested assistance. MTF-β-7 "Maz Hatters" were dispatched to assist in further recovery operations.
Salvaged logs indicate collision with some unknown formation with sudden shock to engineering spaces, loss of comminications and command spaces. While the reactor compartment remained uncompromised, shielding erroded to less than 2.5cm, providing minimal radiological protection.
Single Survivor, MMN2 (SSW) Alchest, Jecht A. [Emergency Reactor Welder] Found within Rx Compartment upon opening, subject is anatomically 25 years old, though enlistment records indicate he should be nearing 50 years of age at time of recovery. See Interview Log.
Subject is requesting recruitment into SCP Foundation. Pending secondary investigation, and O5 Approval.
"In all honesty, he is more qualified than most junior reseachers here, as long as I dont catch his immortality, I'd support it." Dr. Stevensen
Testing log: Date - Innitial destructive testing showed a presistant absorption of most forms of energy, to include plastic explosives and most other forms of disassembly. Attempts include, Aceteline Torch, Controlled explosives (entry grade, thermite, shaped charges) all materials appear to resist any type of high energy weaponry. Anomalous cross testing appending approval by Site Command.
Testing of Anomalous Properties, Lab Rat, Normal, Testing showed that the ' Anti Radiation had crystalized the Dioxyribonucleic Acid (DNA) Solidying the cells of the subject. Showed Decreased appetite, apthathy to changes in temperature in excess of 100 degrees centigrade. However, in healing vector tests, subject showed inablity to close wounds. In similarty with anemia or similar blood clotting disorders. Further investigation requested.