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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-XXXX's immobile nature a new site was constructed around it named site XXXX alpha, site XXXXalpha is just big enough to accompany 2 researchers, 2 guards, and 6 D-Class. There are to be 2 guards inside SCP-XXXX's containment chamber at all times, any personnel entering SCP-XXXX's containment chamber for any reason other than testing including guards are to remain at least 10 meters away from SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is currently contained in a 12mx12mx12m containment chamber comprised of a tungsten-titanium mix. Site XXXX alpha is currently considered an abandoned bunker by the general public. If any unauthorized personnel attempt to enter site XXXX alpha they are to be detained and given class A amnestics.

Any entity that emerges from SCP-XXXX is to be sedated then contained. if this cannot be achieved then the entity is to be terminated via any means necessary.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 6-meter high, 6-meter wide, 10-centimeter thick oval-shaped structure comprised of quartz crystal. SCP-XXXX hovers 10 centimeters above the ground at all times. It is currently unknown as to how SCP-XXXX does this.

SCP-XXXX is impossible to move due to the fact that any attempts to touch it result in the subject collapsing to the ground and slowly changing into tar. Any non-organic matter

SCP-XXXX has two states, active and inactive. When inactive SCP-XXXX shows no anomalous properties other than the hovering and the effect that occurs when touched. When active a blue glowing substance fills the entire area inside SCP-XXXX.

The blue substance is currently unidentified. After one minute the substance disappears and the area inside of SCP-XXXX shows an alternate reality. If a subject can pass through SCP-XXXX without touching its frame the subject will find themselves in an alternate reality.

So far most areas inside this alternate reality have been cities or towns in ruins. However, other areas have been recorded. List of places:
-A school
-An asylum
-A museum
-A city
The places do differ in appearance and contents.
After a subject has spent at least thirty 5 minutes inside the alternate reality they will begin to start feeling distressed and will attempt to find the initial entry point. If the subject doesn't find their way out within 5 minutes a random creature composed of tar will materialize and begin to pursue the subject until the subject is killed or incapacitated.

Once this is done SCP-XXXX will re-enter its inactive state. If SCP-XXXX is left in its active state with no interference and if there are no living organisms within eight meters SCP-XXXX will enter its inactive state after 10 hours, SCP-XXXX will stay inactive for 15 hours then re-activate for another 10 hours. This cycle has been going on for the REDACTED years SCP-XXXX has been contained.

If any living organisms come within ten meters of SCP-XXXX while in its active state for a period of eight minutes, a creature will materialize and emerge from SCP-XXXX. List of creatures that have emerged from SCP-XXXX since20BLACKBOX:

-A bipedal dimetrodon with a smaller sail than fossil records indicate.
-A 10-meter long Pythonidae snake with a frill on its neck that could expand by 10 centimeters.
-A Latrodectus hasselti (redback spider) 50 times bigger than normal.
-A black Lumbricina (earthworm) 15 meters in length and similar in thickness to a Eunectes murinus (anaconda).
-A canine the size of the average Equus caballus (horse).

SCP-XXXX recovery log

SCP-XXXX was first discovered in 1███, SCP-XXXX was brought to the attention of the foundation when multiple reports of "aliens" surfaced in the area of REDACTED. once news reached locally embedded agents MTF Lystro was dispatched to recover SCP-XXXX, Once found MTF Lystro put a temporary containment cell around it (a heavy-duty steel fence). All witnesses of SCP-XXXX were given Class-B amnestics and a cover-up story was created stating that all witnesses of the "aliens" were under the influence of LSD. More personnel were called to construct a permanent containment site for SCP-XXXX.

Test Logs

Test XXXX A - Date: 20██

Procedure: One D-Class personnel stood within 6 meters of SCP-XXXX while in its active state for 8 minutes.
Results: A Chiroptera (bat) composed of tar 30 times larger than any recorded species emerged from SCP-XXXX, D-Class showed visible signs of distress as the bat made its way closer to them. At this point the D-Class was crying, the bat then picked up the D-Class and threw them through SCP-XXXX. The bat was not able to be sedated and was terminated. After reviewing the D-Class's file it was found out that they had a phobia of bats.
Analysis: It appears that entities created by SCP-XXXX are created as an embodiment of a specific person's phobia.

Test XXXX B - Date: 20██

Procedure: A D-Class with nyctophobia Stood within 6 meters of SCP-XXXX while in its active state for 8 minutes.
Results: A humanoid figure made entirely of tar emerged from SCP-XXXX and grabbed the D-Class. The humanoid threw them through SCP-XXXX, the entity then attempted to grab SCP-XXXX but it "hands" passed through it. The entity was successfully sedated and put into a containment cell, the entity has been deemed SCP-XXXX-1.
Analysis: It appears that any entity created by SCP-XXXX will not be able to touch it and pass through SCP-XXXX's frame as if it didn't exist.