Doctor Levi Starkin

In-Universe File

Name: Levi James Starkin

Pronouns: He/Him

Clearance Level: Level 3

Occupation: Senior Researcher

Gender: Male

Location: Site-19

Biography: Levi is a young Junior Researcher who is currently working at Site-19.

Starkin first joined the Foundation in 2019, after being recognized for his work in the field of medicine. The exact details of what he worked on are unclear, but Clef keeps coming to him for "medicine" it was all above-board they bordered on the anomalous.

Out-of-Character Profile

Wiki Username: DrLeviStarkinDrLeviStarkin

IRC Nicknames: DrLeviStarkin, LeviTheEMT, LeviTheTiredEMT, LeviTheCaffeinatedEMT

SCPs Authored on Wiki: N/A

Wiki Staff?: Yes

Staff Position: Junior Wiki Tech

Staff Since: 12/13/2023

Occupation: EMT-B (I'd think that's obvious by my IRC Nicknames, but just in case)