Item #: SCP-4059
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-4059 is to be kept in an aviary no smaller than 50.48 meters in height, and 40 meters in width. The aviary is to have "nature" noises played over a speaker at all times, and to be furnished heavily with plant life commonly found in forests (such as bushes, trees, brush, etc.). The subject is also to be provided with an abundant amount of branches for the purpose of perching. The walls of the aviary are to be insulated with acoustic foam panels to soundproof the containment chamber, and applying wire mesh over said acoustic foam panels are necessary, as SCP-4059 will tear up the panels for amusement. There are to be no less than two (2) guards outside the containment zone at all times. Guards who are assigned to SCP-4059 are to be provided ear muffs and tranquilizers in the event the subject screams or breaches.

SCP-4059 is a humanoid shapeshifting avian who is 2.0 meters tall and dawns a white mask with a black hooded shirt. The subject claims that her clothes and mask are a part of her body and that she cannot remove them unless morphing into a more avian form. When in a dominantly avian form, SCP-4059 grows to 10 meters in height and 8 meters in length. Wingspan varies on which form she possesses, but can range from 6 meters to 22 meters in length. Caution around SCP-4059 is advised even when the subject is in a docile state, as her humanoid form still possess avian-like feet and clawed hands, which are capable of accidentally lacerating others when over-excited.

SCP-4059 was found in the forests of [REDACTED], USA after several disappearances and complaints of a "banshee" where reported around the area. Residents living around the forest claim to often hear loud "inhuman shrieks" and threatening clicking when walking off trail. 3 of the 4 victims who survived SCP-4059's attacks are deaf, claiming it was the subject's screaming that rendered their ability to hear useless. Bodies of deceased victims are yet to be found but are suspected to be in SCP-4059's nest at an unknown location.

When shot or injured, SCP-4059 has shown to have regenerative properties. Depending on the severity of the injury, wounds can take from ten minutes to four hours to heal. she claims this ability is "a gift from the forest that birthed her". It should also be noted that she is incredibly flexible, and has been seen collapsing her spine in order to avoid getting her blood drawn at the veterinary center. She will also do this as a playful gesture, and takes joy from scaring guards or other authorized personnel who enter her aviary.

Addendum 5049-01
SCP-4059 shrieked after not receiving bread like she requested. Three (3) personnel had to be rushed to the medical ward due to their eardrums bursting. Despite this, it is required that no one provides SCP-4059 with bread as she will get sick. Instead, quickly tranquilize her.