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krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 21:45:36 #8digitnumber


krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 21:47:09 #8digitnumber

I think I might be crazy. I just saw something insane.

googlo99 09/12/17 (Day) 21:50:19 #8digitnumber

i'm listening

krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 21:53:25 #8digitnumber

so I was doing my usual night jog at my nearby park

krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 21:54:02 #8digitnumber

when I saw someone

freddykrug 09/12/17 (Day) 21:56:32 #8digitnumber

let me guess, you saw a couple doing you know what, and you freaked out?

krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 21:58:24 #8digitnumber


krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 21:59:02 #8digitnumber

something weirder than that

krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 22:09:34 #8digitnumber

I was taking a shortcut through the woods that I had been using for the past few months now.

Just now however, I could feel something different about this path.

Usually it would be peaceful, calm, collected, the usual BS used to describe quiet stuff.

Now I could feel this undescribed tension in my body that I couldn't shake off, like the atmosphere had somehow changed.

as usual, I shrugged it off, thinking it was just stress from a bad day.

then, I saw him.

it was pretty dark, so I couldn't see his features clearly, but I know he was wearing some kind of a hazmat suit or whatever you call those things in movies. He was holding some kind of a stun baton in his hands and he was looking for something.

idianina 09/12/17 (Day) 22:11:56 #8digitnumber

did you talk to him?

krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 22:16:32 #8digitnumber

I did. he said that he was a 'hunter' and that he was going to hunt for 'wildrabbys'. I thought then that he was referring to 'wild rabbits', and was about to mention that the stun baton in his hands was not going to help much.

he shook his head and told me that the 'wildrabbys' were dangerous creatures and that I should get out of there while I still could.

naturally, being convinced that I was talking to an absolute nutcase, I walked off. the guy kept calling me back, telling me it was not safe, but I had been using the shortcut for years, so I knew that nothing bad was going to happen.

googlo99 09/12/17 (Day) 22:17:09 #8digitnumber

classic horror story cliché. boring. tell us something interesting.

krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 22:20:34 #8digitnumber

don't worry, i'm getting there.

krakenjack 09/12/17 (Day) 21:53:25 #8digitnumber

a few minutes after I met the guy, I saw something large hanging on the tree in front of where I was as I was jogging.

as I got closer, I realised that it was some kind of net trap, and something was inside.

I couldn't see what it was, but I could hear it. some kind of buzzing noise was coming from the thing in the net.