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Austin1999 05/14/15 (Sun) 18:33:35 #20012678

6.33 pm.

That’s the time when both my watch and my phone’s clock stopped. 6.33 and 35 seconds. The time when I first walked into this goddamn diner.

I don’t know how many minutes, hours, or even days I have been sitting in this diner, waiting for this diner’s supposed ‘signature dish’ to arrive.

Let me first explain myself and my situation, so that I can keep you updated on the problem.

I’m an avid food hunter. To clarify, I like to look for hidden culinary gems around the US, trying them out and seeing whether it’s good or bad. Anyway, I scour the web every week to try and find some hidden family restaurant or diner tucked away in the wild US countryside. I can always easily find various unique types of food around the US, but most of these food places I go to will sell the usual dishes.

A few 'days' ago, I found a forum on the web that talked about some obscure diner that I found to be quite interesting. Not just because the reviews are absolutely good, but because all these reviews talked about something. The best dish, and from their words the greatest dish they ever tasted in their lives was an apple pie found in a diner near Texas.

The praises I had heard about the dish had made it definitely seem like it was the greatest dish that was ever made in the entire world in my mind. Interested, I immediately packed up my things and took off.

It took several hours for me to finally see the diner. It looked like one of those generic diners you would find on other highways. Flat, one-storey building with those neon lights that flash your shop’s name to the people travelling along the highway. No roadside sign. No advertisements to showcase the diner. I just got the rough location from the people from the forum, and even they couldn’t agree with each other on where it exactly was. In fact, if you blinked, you could have missed out on this diner awkwardly placed on the side of the highway.

There were a few parking spaces near the diner, and it was completely empty of any vehicles whatsoever. Unfortunately, I don’t care that much about popularity, so I just walked towards the diner, and entered the diner from the front doors.

Once I sat down on a particular chair, a young waiter came shuffling towards me and placed a menu down on my table. He was wearing a white shirt, stained yellowish-white from the countless liquids he may have been in contact with, with black pants and an apron tied around his waist, also covered in numerous stains. His face was what interested me the most out of his experience. He was just blank without any sort of expression.

He spoke in a monotone even as he welcomed me in. When I told him that I wanted to order the pie, he replied in the same monotone as he told me to wait for the pie.

I’m still waiting for the pie. My stomach is currently growling right now. The time on my iPhone and my watch hasn’t changed, and I know for a fact that the sun had set outside, since I can only see pitch black darkness outside the windows now.

I’ve tried to call my friends, my family, even the police, but every time I try, I can’t seem to get a signal. I’ve tried to break the glass, maybe try the door, but it was locked now for some reason. I can’t get out no matter what I try.

I’m feeling tired as I’m posting this right now. I guess I wasted my energy trying to escape this diner.

But I’m not done with this post yet. I need your help. I don’t know how long I’ll be sleeping, so I need you to continuously update me with the time so that I at least know how long it has been. Also, can you please try to find this diner? I don’t exactly know the coordinates of my location, as I left my map in the car. Please, try to google this place, so that you can notify the authorities of my current whereabouts.

I will try to update this post after I wake up, so I need you to help me, please. I would really appreciate it if you keep me company through this ordeal.

See you guys in a few hours time.

Good night.

jbaes 05/15/15 (Mon) 00:33:35 #20014567

it has been 6 hours since you posted. that pie better be worth it!

elenawinter17 05/15/15 (Mon) 01:00:09 #20015124

it is now 1 am est.

Austin1999 05/14/15 (Sun) 18:33:35 #20012678

Sorry about the delay. A lot of developments have occurred since my last post, so it’s gonna take me a while to explain the stuff that happened over the past few ‘hours’. But, I will be continuously updating the post, so just keep checking back a few hours later.

Firstly, I would like to thank you guys for continuously providing the current time for me. I don’t know how I would have coped without your support.

I’m still stuck in the diner, with no one in sight, and my pie hasn’t arrived yet. I’m starving right now, so I probably would not complain even if the ‘pie’ turns out to be made of dead bodies or something else.

What really stresses me out right now are the noises coming from the back room. I was rudely woken up by the noises a few hours ago, and they are not nice to listen to. It sounds like some metal is being scraped over a tabletop, with the occasional whirr of a table saw.

And these noises are loud. I have packed some earplugs in my bag for sleeping purposes, and thankfully they can block out some of the noises coming from that back room. But it’s still irritating as all hell.

It’s still dark outside, but what really unsettles me is that I can’t see my car anymore. I just see pitch black darkness, and nothing else. The light from the diner isn’t helping me see either, and when I shine my phone’s flashlight at the darkness, it does nothing.

Fuck. If not for you guys, I would probably not even know what day it is right now, or how long I slept.

The worst thing is, I try to look for the diner or the forum on the search engine again, like how I found it in the first place, and they’re not there. No mention of the diner everywhere, and the reviews seem to have all disappeared.

I can’t keep speculating though. I’m already pretty freaked out and irritated by the noises, so it won’t do me any good to wonder.

All I can do is think. I need to think of a way to get out of this predicament.

What should I do? I’m open to any ideas. What can I do to solve my current problem? I need suggestions. I can accept anything, as long as they are feasible for me. Please, state any ideas you might have, and I can try to do it. I’ll update you guys if the plan goes right or wrong.

I will be waiting. And if any new developments occur, I will tell you guys about it.

I hope I can get out of this.

Perfectisreal1008 05/15/15 (Mon) 08:45:34 #20017271

Just break down the door! Safest way!

reesespieces 05/15/15 (Mon) 09:35:23 #20018109

smh. just go out the back door!

Austin1999 05/14/15 (Sun) 18:33:35 #20012678

I tried to follow what you guys said: Bashing down the door with a large heavy object. That also seemed like the most sensible plan to me. However, the idea only worked well in theory, not in practice. I was so hungry, I could barely lift the chair, let alone a table, to throw at the door, and when I finally lifted it and threw it, it just bounced off the door and crashed onto the ground with a loud crash.

I was pissed off now, and out of frustration, I recklessly threw myself against the door, trying to at least find some way to open it. And yet, the door still wouldn’t budge.

Now mad as all hell, I tried to kick the door with my foot. I had to find a way to open that door.

When I did that, I saw John, the waiter, walking towards me and staring at me with the same blank look on his face as before. This time, he warned me that I shouldn't try to escape the diner, that I should sit down and wait.

I only became more enraged after hearing his words, and I shouted that the service and the diner, in general, was terrible. In response, his expression changed to one of fear.

He told me that he hadn’t actually seen the chef before, that he had only sent orders to him, and that every single order would always be the apple pie. He told me that he had seen countless people like you come and order it, and just like me, they would always get frustrated and try to leave the diner.

He warned me that if one left the diner before the pie was served, bad things would befall them afterward, so it was better for me to sit and wait, promising that the pie would be worth the wait.

Still a bit angry, I gave up on my escape plan and sat down at the table again. John’s expression changed back to a blank look, and he shuffled towards the back of the diner. I haven’t seen him since then, and to be honest, I feel worried about him. I keep thinking that he might have been killed by the chef for ‘revealing too much information to me’. I hope he’s alright.

The noise isn’t motivating me to think positive thoughts about John though. Amongst the table saw and the scraping, I can swear that I can hear some screams or cries mixed in. That noise is distressing me even more now. What exactly is the chef doing? Is he even making Apple pie? I keep telling myself that he is, but my mind is screaming that he isn’t.

What do I do now? I need motivation. I need your support more than ever now. I need you guys to keep supporting me.

I’m afraid. I’m starving. I’m tired. I’m alone.

I don’t know whether I can take this anymore.

sheridan1347 05/17/15 (Tue) 12:56:01 #20018450

Don't lose hope! Keep fighting!

iiiiiiijjjko 05/17/15 (Tue) 14:23:45 #20018587

obvious troll. don't trust him.

martens118 05/17/15 (Tue) 16:34:21 #20018754

does anyone notice that Austin1999's posts are all on the stuck on the same date? weird.

Austin1999 05/14/15 (Sun) 18:33:35 #20012678

It’s here.

The pie. It’s on my table now.

I woke up just now, and I saw it on my table.

I looked around to see whether John was nearby, but he was still missing.

The pie looks innocent enough. It has the normal golden-brown crust, with openings near the top.

But what is really good about the pie is the smell. The smell of baked apples and sugar is just so enticing. I don’t know whether it is because of hunger, or because the pie is really good, but I feel like eating it right away.

Should I eat it? I’m unsure of what will happen when I eat the pie that I have been waiting for days now. I don’t know.

Austin1999 05/14/15 (Sun) 18:33:35 #20012678

I’ve made up my mind. I’m going to eat the pie.

My portable charger has run out of power, and my phone is probably going to die soon, so I guess this will probably be my last post for a while. If I don’t reply after a few days, I suppose that means that I am probably in no state to respond anymore.

If that happens, I want you guys to remember this conversation that you and I have held since that first post I sent a few ‘days’ ago to you guys.

Before I leave, I want to thank you for helping me get through this ordeal. I really appreciated your support.

I’m picking up the fork now.

Thank you.

Austin1999 has posted a review of PopsDinerTexas on 05/14/15 (Sun) at 18:33:36 hours

Food Quality: A+++
Ambience: B-
Staff Quality: F
Overall Experience: A+

Remarks: The pie came almost instantly, and was baked to perfection. Devoured within seconds.

Verdict: Easily the best meal you could serve to an extremely hungry hitchhiker or customer. Will recommend this place for quick and good food.