Hello, I am Doctor Molotov, I specialize in the study of psychedelic anomalous properties.

Look for monsters everywhere. Look under your bed, in your closet, behind your door,

Doctor Molotov is no longer with us.
Doctor Molotov is ████.
Doctor Kevlar has been promoted to fill his position.

N.C.E. Will Have His Game Of Chess.

What are you doing down here at the bottom of the page?

There is nothing down here…

Seriously though, nothing. Why are you still here?

Listen kiddo, I admire how hard you work to attempt to find secrets, that will get you far in the foundation. However it may also take about 50 years off of your life. For every secret in an ancient tome, there is another thousand useless pages that you have to sift through. Some people dedicate their entire lives to finding secrets, and never find a single one.


Footage of raid on Marshall Carter & Dark by N.C.E.