I Stepped into the elevator of Gate A at the foundation, Looked around and took a big inhale as the elevator rose below my feet., My last breath of freedom. As the door opened I saw people glancing at me as if I were a meal. All I could do is shake it off and walk towards an open desk. A Man approached and stated “ Dr.Nakazawa, You are not a desk jockey, You are a doctor. Grab a lab coat, A stethoscope, and your keycard and report to your lab.” I was escorted down many hallways, tesla gates, and corridors by armed guards with machine guns, gas masks, and helmets. Until I reached a door with the label “Dr.Nakazawa MD, PhD” I walked in and immediately saw 5 stacks of papers on my desk Titled (things Dr.Bright is NOT allowed to do at the foundation, Safe, Euclid, Keter, And Medical Cases). Obviously my first instinct is to open the medical files. To my surprise many injuries were either self inflicted.[DATA EXPUNGED], or gunshot wounds. This is what i was trained for, but i did not see any of this coming. I Immediately picked up the phone beside me and dialed the number written on the files. A man picked up and introduced himself as [DATA REDACTED], I asked what the [EXPUNGED], meant and the only answer I got was “they were SCP Related, Read the files to learn more”. I Sighed and started reading the “Euclid Files” The one on top read “SCP-002” I noted immediately, People who have gone in, Did not come out. And their Anatomy was found in the room in which they entered.