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Item #: SCP-#

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-# and SCP-#-A are to be kept in a chain-link partition with at least 2 meters of clearance from foot traffic in the anomalous objects hangar in Site-64.

Description SCP-# is a large segmented metal cube similar in appearance and functionality to the popular puzzle toy the Rubik’s Cube. The object’s structure is comprised of titanium and [REDACTED], with dimensions of 2.5 m. These dimensions have been shown to vary up to one full meter while in an active state, being highly dependent on the respective heights and multitude of subjects under its influence.

SCP-#-A is an operational terminal stylized as a nondescript white podium 1.5 m in height. A Dr. Wondertainment logo is visible in the upper right-hand corner, though the paint has been scraped off and other attempts at obscuration are observed. A square display in its center will seemingly represent any face of SCP-# nearest to it. Directional buttons aligned on each side facilitate the desired lateral and vertical movement of each row, while a circular red button situated beneath triggers the release of subjects.

SCP-#’s anomalous properties manifest when any living human comes within 0.5 m of any unoccupied facet. Said individuals will be actively pulled against its surface and held aloft by unknown means resembling magnetic attraction, after which a ‘starfish’ position is enforced. Manuel removal is not possible during this phase.

Concurrently SCP-# will begin levitating approximately 70 cm off the ground and all surfaces will illuminate, showcasing the entire color spectrum before adopting a singular color for each respective side. The object will remain in this state until an additional five subjects are introduced to its remaining sides at which point SCP-A will also illuminate and allow input from an operator.

Activation of a row will immediately sever any body part along the line of segmentation, with cuts being clean, bloodless, and painless for involved subjects. Typical severing points include the mid to upper neck along the C5 and C6 vertebrae, the humerus directly above the elbow joint, and the upper femur directly below the hip joint.

Any newly aligned anatomy amongst the subjects will reorient appropriately and fuse. Despite separation, affected anatomy will continue to function as willed by their original owners, regardless of how many permutations an operator induces. Once an operator releases the subjects, the object will continue to levitate for upwards of 10 minutes before deactivating.

Addendum ####-01: Examination of fused anatomy shows seamless integration, MRI scans reveal this extends to the muscular and skeletal systems. However, blood flow and nervous system input ceases at the point of demarcation and is somehow rerouted to the original subjects.

Addendum ####-02: SCP-#### does not distinguish between living or deceased individuals. This was concluded during Incident SCP-####-01, in which a D-class personnel suffered a fatal heart attack and the corresponding anatomy was still found to fuse with other subjects. All signs of necrosis in the following days ceased at the point of demarcation.

Addendum ####-03: Reversal of SCP-####’s anomalous effects are possible, provided all participants are correctly realigned in subsequent tests. Restored subjects show no indication of physical alteration, though most display symptoms of psychological trauma and somatoparaphrenia1.

SCP-# was recovered on 7/16/1991, in an abandoned storage unit on the outskirts of Seattle, Washington. A handwritten note found with the object, along with graffiti present at the property has linked it to GoI-233.

Document ####-01

Dear Essie

Fuller loved this thing, he even commissioned it himself, but at this point the nostalgia is more nauseating than riding it. Some things are best left to the 80’s. Have fun testing, humdrums…you could definitely use it.