Item Number: X

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Task Force Sigma-6 "Feather Duster" is to monitor all news outlets for reports of unexplained comas. Due to the nature of SCP-X, Task Force Sigma-6 is to live in hermetically sealed body suits and log each external secretment in case of infection. These suits are to be removed for exfoliation of each member in a class K powerwasher. Members exposed to SCP X in pursuit of their duties are to be incinerated along with any tissue shedded in the last year.

Task Force Sigma-6 is authorized to call in fire bombings on confirmed sites of SCP-X due to the significant risk of an AK-class End Of The World scenario. Such events are to be explained as gas leaks to the public, and disinformation campaigns are to be enacted to establish that the region is uninhabitable until the leak is fixed.


SCP X is a disabling cogitohazard with the potential to cause an AK class End Of The World scenario. Spread is dependant on comprehending a specific phrase, involving a physiological process of shedding, a quirk of human anatomy, and the ancient Greek myth of Theseus. This phrase must be understood in order to infect an individual, hereafter known as X-1. Once it understands SCP X, X-1 will continue all autonomous nervous system functions until it starves or dies of dehydration through non-anomalous means unless kept on life support. This process is called a Desquamation Event because of its effects.

The anomalous effects of SCP X are present in another entity, labelled X-2. X-2 encompases all shedded biological matter left by X-1 over the last year. This includes dead skin cells, hair folicles, feces containing any gut flora, saliva, tears, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, urine, and vaginal lining. X-2 appears inert for the first 24 hours, but begins to clump together through anomalous means at a rate of .23 meters per day. These shedded tissues form nodules and connections with small gaps in between in a manner similar to neural networks.

After 2-3 million such nodules are formed, they begin to function as a cohesive whole, regardless of the distance between such clumps. fMRI scans of these networks reveal that they are similar in structure to the layout of 3010-1’s brain before comprehension of X. X-2 is extremely dangerous, as it will attempt to communicate X through any living entity that touches it, including microbes and insects.

These entities will often spell out X on any clear surface in a language 3010-1 spoke before the Desquamation event. SCP X-2 expresses extreme pain upon contact through fMRI (See Addenda), and is to be considered an irretrievable consciousness for purposes of civilian termination by orders of the Ethics Committee.