Midnight Ideas:
Fungus Carcosicus
Weeping River
Infantilizing Womb (IJ)

SCP-Y: Architecture

Object Class: Apollyon-contradict

Secure Containment Procedures:
SCP Y’s containment is not impossible, but to do so would result in an EK class “societal collapse” scenario. As is, SCP Y is uncontained, and represents an ongoing SK-class “dominance shift” scenario.

Research on countermeasures is ongoing. However, because construction of additional sites propagates SCP Y-1, expansion to match its threat is necessarily limited. Further, elimination of SCP Y-1 would necessarily require releasing almost all SCPs, which would likely result in myriad K-class scenarios.

SCP Y is socio-cultural meme dating back to at least pre-Gilgamesh Sumeria.

Specifically, SCP Y is the anomalous urge to construct buildings. SCP Y-1 is the shifting states of buildings themselves, which represent an emergent intelligence that has usurped most efforts of humanity.


SCP Y-1 was only discovered recently, in 19##. Professor G##### discovered signs of planning and memory while studying the rebuilding of ruins in France after World War 2. Despite the lack of any organized civic oversight, the city of T##### was rebuilt with restrictions indicating learning equivalent to neural pruning.

Dr. G##### initially doubted his results, questioning his academic integrity in letters to colleagues. Dr. G#####’s opinion shifted, according to research notes, once he began to examine the reconstruction of Berlin and Nagasaki, and found distinct signs of memory formation. In particular, repaving roads and the rebuilding of structures displayed “changes in foot traffic” he deemed “indicative of shifting connections of information transfer.” The subsequent repopulation mimicked the reformation of glial networks in Dr. G#####’s work so closely that he famously remarked “the slaughter of millions is our master’s dreaming.”

Dr. G##### developed “Civil Gestalt Theory,” over the next 23 years, up until his death in 19##. Despite only giving lectures on Anthropology and early Neuroscience, future O5 #### noticed his peculiar fascination on macro-intelligences during her 19## Doctorate program at Princeton. After interviewing Dr. G##### and convincing him to reveal his self-described “crackpot” theories, O5 #### latched on to the subject. Eventually O5 discovered the existance of the SCP Foundation and presented her findings to the 19## Overseer council. O5 #### was promoted to her current position immediately, and at time of writing runs the Alternative Shelter research division, looking into valid methods of separating humanity from SCP-Y

SCP-X: Dust Mind

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP X is uncontained. Sigma-6 has produced projections for total uncontained X-2 cells using motility of individuals in infected communities and average tissue shedding over the course of the year before infection. With a +/- 2 bn cell margin of error, Sigma-6 estimates there are *redacted* cells of X-2 out in the wild. Given the number of SCP X instances one X-2 "neural network" can produce, a significant (100 million+ victims) outbreak withing the next 10 years is estimated to be *redacted* percent.

Task Force Sigma-6 "Feather Duster" is to monitor all news outlets for reports of unexplained comas. Due to the nature of SCP-X, Task Force Sigma-6 is to live in hermetically sealed body suits and log each external secretion in case of infection. These suits are to be removed for exfoliation of each member via powerwasher. Members exposed to SCP X in pursuit of their duties are to be incinerated along with any tissue shedded in the last year.

Task Force Sigma-6 is authorized to call in fire bombings on confirmed sites of SCP-X due to the significant risk of an AK-class End Of The World scenario. Such events are to be explained as flash, and disinformation campaigns are to be enacted to establish that the region is uninhabitable until the leak is fixed.

Firebombings are to be followed up by a Sigma-6 Mobile Task Force equipped with low precision sonar goggles to minimize risk of exposure to SCP X. SCP X-2 is to be cleared with hand-held flame thrower units. Use of multiple tanks of gasoline on such endeavors is encouraged despite the cost, as X-2 has survived *redacted* termination attempts.


SCP X is a disabling cognitohazard with the potential to cause an AK class End Of The World scenario. Spread of SCP X is dependent on comprehending a specific trigger phrase.1

This phrase must be understood in order to infect an individual, hereafter known as X-1. Once it understands SCP X, X-1 will continue all autonomous nervous system functions until it starves or dies of dehydration through non-anomalous means. 2

X-1 resembles the pre-exposure body of the individual exposed to X, and no notable harm is inflicted on the victim's anatomy, aside from the CNS changes. This process of converting a victim into X-1 is referred to as a Desquamation Event due to its effects.

SCP X is primarily spread by another entity, labelled X-2.

X-2 encompasses all shedded biological matter left by X-1 over the last 12780 hours (+/- 30). X-2 includes dead skin cells, hair follicles, feces containing any gut flora, saliva, tears, blood, cerebrospinal fluid, semen, urine, toenail clippings, fingernail clippings, and vaginal lining left behind by X-1.

Addenda 1
Mechanics of X-2:

X-2 appears inert for the first 24 hours, but begins to clump together through anomalous means at a rate of .23 meters per day. These shedded tissues form nodules and connections with small gaps in between in a manner similar to neural networks.

After 2-3 million such nodules are formed, X-2 begins to function as a cohesive whole, regardless of the distance between such clumps. fMRI scans of these networks reveal that they are similar in structure to the layout of X-1’s brain before comprehension of X. X-2 is extremely dangerous, as it will attempt to communicate X through any living entity that touches it, including microbes, mold, plant matter and insects. X-2/host symbiotes examined through fMRI reveal that these host organisms have small ganglion webs attaching them to the "neural network" of X-2 tissue.

In area with an SCP X infestation, mold and algae will often spell out the trigger phrase, X, on any clear surface in a language X-1 spoke before the Desquamation event. According to external microphones of Sigma-6, aerial insects will beat their wings in such a way that whispers SCP X in barely audible registers.

SCP X-2 itself is capable of infecting larger, human vectors through skin contact, and will often hunt for human hosts through large webs of skin tissue, trawled through the air by insect hosts. These nets of X-2 tissue will billow and float on their own along wind currents even without flying hosts, and often wrap around flocks of birds in flight. This technique of using host species to propagate is notably similar to several non-anomalous parasites and burrs, and potential classification under natural circumstances is still being investigated.

SCP X-2 expresses extreme pain upon contact through fMRI, and is to be considered an irretrievable consciousness for purposes of civilian termination by orders of the Ethics Committee. Flame is effective for such termination, as it burns away all organic matter.

The exact wording of the trigger phrase is unknown due to its effects, but a Machine Learning AI has determined that the phrase involves a physiological process of shedding, a quirk of human anatomy, and the ancient Greek myth of Theseus. The AI also mentions a paradox inherent in the phrase.

All higher brain functions, outside of autonomic responses such as respiration and circulation cease immediately upon exposure to X. Kept on life support, an X-1 instance can survive indefinitely. Whether or not this preservation is humane for D-Class testing is currently under review by the Ethics Committee.

Ideas for Thaumial SCPs
-Gift from distant future where coldness and entropy of universe is unsustainable to life
-Explanation for the abundance of human replacements at the Foundation
-Explanation for continued existence of consensus reality despite everything
-Explanation for human consciousness at all, creation of DNA
-Explanation for oxytocin/vassopressin, human orgasm