"DrSawyer's SCP-001 Proposal: Quanta" Draft


Object Class: Rho/ℝ

Special Containment Procedures:

We can’t contain it, but we will persevere anyway. That's how we know we are still human: because we are all such hopeful fools.

A fringe theory, posited by O5-8 postulates that the number of individuals exposed to SCP-001 correlates to the general incoherence of Wave Rho (see below). However, due to the estimated risk of a ZK-class End of Reality Scenario, this is not to be actively tested. O5 personnel are exposed only so they may chart the frequency in state shifts should The Administrator (currently writing) finally pass on from my-his suffering.

The risk of suicide for O5s upon exposure to 001 is negligible, due to the high plasticity required for the position.

Perhaps we will one day devise a containment method for all of Rho…


SCP-001 is the nature of our reality, and the root of all SCPs.

Our reality is currently in a quantum superposition of several states that collapse upon observance. This superstate periodically reforms itself regardless of current observance. Precisely how consensus reality survives these shifts is unknown, although many of the following changes are only observable through proprietary Foundation equipment due to their subtlety.

It is theorized by O5-3 that such shifts are the result of an over-excitement of the one-dimensional strings constituting our universe. O5-7 believes these shifts are instead due to a multiverse compression event, which has forced several overlapping universes on top of each other. Regardless of the explanation, though, the O5 council unanimously agrees that the prognosis is bleak for consensus reality.

I myself believe that consensus reality has already failed, and that the holes in our original reality has allowed the oozing wrecks of other punctured realities to seep in. Our reality flickers and shifts when we gaze too long, and so we have already lost.

The following is a review of each state with the corresponding ratio of observance from Site-000 in ascending order of probability.

1% Other 001 Scenarios
12.5% Zoo, SCP-001-Alpha
15.5% Circular, SCP-001-Beta
22% Projection, SCP-001-Gamma
23% Overflow, SCP-001-Delta
26% Digestion, SCP-001-Epsilon