"DrSawyer's SCP-001 Proposal: Quanta" Draft


Object Class

Special Containment Procedures

We can’t contain it, but we will persevere anyway. That's how we know we are still human: because we are all such hopeful fools.


SCP-001 is the nature of our reality, and the root of all SCPs.

SCP 001 has a tendency to evoke suicidal ideations that seems non-anomalous in nature. Hume ratings of those exposed to SCP-001 are nominal. The frequent suicide of those exposed appears to simply be a common psychological reaction to the nature of all things

To Whom It May Concern

If you’ve made it past the lethal cognitohazards and the dummy entries, you deserve to know. Hopefully you’re an O5, but either way your dedication to the truth has brought you this far. You will regret that dedication by the end of this entry.

First, let me give you one last chance to turn back. You will still be able to perform your duties as an 05 without knowing this, but the grander context of our world may help you preserve humanity for as long as possible, given the circumstances. Knowledge of this truth has destroyed many great men throughout history, so do not be so bold as to assume you are different.

Siddhartha Gautama (alias, Buddha) learned that life is suffering from SCP-001-Alpha. Moses saw evidence of SCP-001-Epsilon on Mount Sinai and obsessively wrote several more stone tablets that went unrecorded before regaining himself and teaching the Israelites more mundane laws than the laws of our existence. Moses killed himself upon reaching the Holy Land, unable to bear the weight of what he knew. Jesus of Nazareth preached human kindness upon discovering the inhuman terror of SCP 001-Gamma, and surrendered to the Romans in a suicide by proxy. Socrates drank the lotus extract when he deduced SCP-001-Delta in his cramped Athenian prison cell.

You are no different, O5 or intruder, this is your last chance to preserve your innocence.

The Administrator

Our reality is currently in a quantum superposition of several states that collapse upon observance. This superstate periodically reforms itself regardless of current observance. Precisely how consensus reality survives these shifts is unknown, but it is theorized that such shifts are the result of an overexcitement of the one-dimensional strings constituting our universe. The following is a review of each state with the corresponding ratio of observance from Site-000 in ascending order of probability.

12.5% Zoo, SCP-001-Alpha
15.5% Circular, SCP-001-Beta
22% Projection, SCP-001-Gamma
23% Overflow, SCP-001-Delta
27% Digestion, SCP-001-Epsilon



*The Universe is a Zoo for creatures who experience all events simultaneously*

*Administrator notes on evidence of this state, personal musings*


*The number line is circular, spinning relative to imaginary numbers, is teetering on its axis for unknown reasons*

*Administrator notes on evidence of this state, personal musings*


*The universe is a 2D projection on an infinitely large sphere, the sphere is tearing apart*

*Administrator notes on evidence of this state, personal musings*


*The universe is a simulation performing a long calculation, SCPs are the result of stack overflow errors as it nears its solution”

*Administrator notes on evidence of this state, personal musings*


*The SCPs are the digestive enzymes of a 4th dimensional creature slowly digesting reality*

*Administrator notes on evidence of this state, personal musings, ponders the worth of suicide*

Final Notes

*Administrator explains he attempted suicide by overdose on medication. Hurts tremendously, hooked himself up to complex life support of his own design upon realization that humanity must continue regardless of its futility. Is in constant pain*