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Item #: SCP-3634

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3634 is to be contained at Site-76 inside Reliquary Wing #2. SCP-3634 is to be kept inside a 10 ft x 10 ft x 10 ft, titanium room on a hollowed-out plastic stand. Inside said plastic stand will be exactly 45 pounds of dynamite, acting as a fail safe, which will be remotely detonated from the SCP-3634 Surveillance and Command Room, located in [REDACTED] of Entrance Zone Wing #0, in the event something goes wrong. SCP-3634 is to have a nickel tube connected to it which will pump Hydrogen Gas into SCP-3634 as a way of subduing the artifact. Finally, only personnel of Level-3/ Level-3634 credentials are allowed to access documents/containment of SCP-3634, all access is to be regulated.

Description: SCP-3634 appears to be an old Panasonic radio made of unknown composition. On the right side is seven, labeled buttons of unknown language. Said buttons appear to be arranged in some form of binary but it has yet to be confirmed. On the back of SCP-3634 appears to be a warranty label of unknown composition and language. All attempts to view the bottom and left side have failed.

In some cases SCP-3634-2 appears out of what appears to be a portal that bends light causing an effects to that similar of seeing a black hole in a telescope. SCP-3634-2 appears to be a middle-aged man standing at 1.524 meters. SCP-3634-2 wears what appears to be British Infantry from illustrations on the Revolutionary War. SCP-3634-2 is sapient.

Do to the fact that SCP-3634 can create portal-like anomalies, moving it to a new site has been brought up in past meetings.

Addendum: SCP-3634 was contained in Serbia shortly after the Bosnian Wars in [REDACTED] Village after sightings of SCP-3634-2. Mobile Task Force Unit Gamma-4363 ("Fire bombers") were sent to give Class-A Amnesiacs to locals and find where SCP-3634-2 was coming from over the course of days. After a week SCP-3634 was contained on July $, !((^.


Interviewed: Novislav Djajic

Interviewer: Mobile Task Force Unit Gamma-4363("Fire bombers") Platoon Officer

Foreword: Gamma-4363 is instructed to question the locals regarding SCP-3634. This particular interview was from the Platoon Officer.

<Begin Log>

Platoon Officer: Do you know about the humanoid from the sightings?

Novislav: Yes.

Platoon Officer: Well, tell me?

Novislav: Well.. it came from a hole made of thin air..thin god damn air. I saw it myself, it had an effect on the light around the edges…it was nothing of this world.

Platoon Officer: Has anyone tried to communicate with it?

Novislav: Well… I have.. and uhhh
At this point the villager glances over at something behind the Platoon Officer.

Platoon Officer: What is it?

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Although containment was successful the Platoon Officer in the interview has been missing ever since the day SCP-3634 was contained.

Test A - ^/#)/@)!

Subject: D-7690
Procedure: The test subject will be sent in to check if SCP-3634 could be an "anomalous" number station by seeing if there's any numbers being formed by the Pink/White noise.
Results: D-7690 is sent into the containment chamber holding SCP-3634. Though, as soon as the Class-D walked in the door behind the Class-D slammed shut and the lights flickered rapidly and a different audio played. Controls to doors in the entire facility weren't able to be opened and communication via radio was shutdown. The following audio was emitted from SCP-3634:

Analysis: The DTMF Tone happened to be the fail switch flipping on and starting its 30 second countdown. Also, an unknown source had cut open the nickel tube that was pumping hydrogen gas into SCP-3634 which allowed gallons of H2 to leak out of the pipe. When the dynamite detonated it made the explosion twice as bigger than it was supposed to be. Logs indicate that the SCP-3634 Surveillance and Command Room never activated fail-safe. After the blast, numerous entities were spotted around the facility equipped with muskets, with bayonets attached to them, believed to be numerous instances of SCP-3634-2. All were contained/neutralized.

We don't fully understand what this SCP is capable of so we'll look into it some more in the future. -Site 76 Directorate