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Item #: SCP-(#)

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-(#) is to be kept in a 30cm x 30cm x 30cm metal box with a specialized rotating axis intended to keep it stable at all times. The box also has a label printed in both English and Spanish explaining the possible mortality hazard presented by SCP-(#). This box is kept in the Sector H storage area at Area-08. The box may only be moved elsewhere with permission from Site Director Dr. Herald, and are to be moved by the hands of Agent Chaudhary only. Any personnel who are not Agent Chaudhary and who are caught handling SCP-(#)’s box are to undergo a mandatory mental health analysis.

Description: SCP-(#) is the shared designation given to a pair of white plastic dice from an unknown manufacturing company, each one being approximately 1.75cm3 in size. Instead of the standard formation of pips on the sides, SCP-(#) possesses engraved Roman numerals that have been painted black with solvent-based paint. The components of SCP-(#) have been described as completely identical, with the exception of a chip across the V numeral of one. The chipped die is considered SCP-(#)-I, while the unchipped one is considered SCP-(#)-II. SCP-(#)-I and SCP-(#)-II cannot be separated with a space more than 20 cm between them1.

SCP-(#) exhibits other anonymous properties only when a human subject above the age of 18 years performs an action within a 5-meter radius of it that either directly or indirectly causes either die to move from resting on one side to another, causing a different numeral to be shown on the side that faces upwards. No matter where and how the action, henceforth referred to as a “roll”, impacted SCP-(#), both dice will be moved in a similar way, and the upward-facing numerals that the dice display will be entirely unpredictable beforehand, although the actual physical pattern of SCP-(#) will remain the same.

After both die become still, an instance of a Pascal scenario will occur. A Pascal scenario is defined as any one of a series of anomalous events occurring after SCP-(#) is rolled that ends with the violent termination of the subject who performed the roll or allowed the roll to happen through inaction. Which Pascal scenario is encountered by the subject seems to be dependant on what side of the dice land facing upright, as well as whether the side was displayed on SCP-(#)-I or SCP-(#)-II. Only 7 of a potential 36 unique Pascal scenarios have been discovered so far.

Addendum: The following are the instances of Pascal scenarios that have been documented by researchers so far, overseen by Dr. Ramone.