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Item #: SCP-4240

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-(#) is currently considered unable to be contained. MTF Upsilon-5 (“Coin Operators”) is currently tasked with the tracking and recording of instances of SCP-(#) throughout the world, as well as creating and maintaining cover-ups concerning its anomalous nature.

Description: SCP-(#) is the name given to a phenomena concerning electric washing machines throughout all known post-industrial countries on Earth. It is not yet known what criteria an electric washing machine must fit to be affected by SCP-(#), or if there are any criteria at all. A washing machine affected by SCP-(#), from here on referred to as a gate, will most commonly be found in a public laundromat, although exceptions do apply.

SCP-(#) manifests on the gate in the form of an extra setting on one of its primary dials. Regardless of what format the settings are labeled in, this extra setting will present itself as four small markings, assumed to form a word in an unknown language due to their similarity to the old Norse Futhark runic writing system. Until the gate’s dial is actively turned to this setting, the gate exhibits no anomalous properties and may be used normally.

When the extra setting is selected, the gate will remain still until all humans and animals are out of the range of its door. Then said door will fly open at speeds reaching [DATA EXPUNGED] kmph, and SCP-(#) will activate. A jet of fire will emerge from within the gate. All known attempts to extinguish the fire via conventional means, such as by smothering it or dousing the gate with water, have proven unsuccessful so far.

Any bystanders who attempt to view the inside of the gate through a separate window report seeing a vast field that does not match any known location on Earth. The sky appears dark gray, the ground appears to be entirely made of rock, and multiple unattended bonfires are visible in the distance. Witnesses have also claimed to have sighted centipedes of unusually large size and myriad species in this place, although this has not been confirmed yet.

Small items may be sent through the gate, and will visibly appear in the field as if thrown from a great height. SCP-(#) only deactivates once the door to the gate is forcibly closed, prompting the extra setting to disappear from the dial. No damage inflicted on the gate, fire-related or otherwise, will remain once SCP-(#) deactivates. The small items will typically remain in the field upon further observations of SCP-(#), but none have been successfully retrieved by Foundation personnel so far.