Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a standard containment facility. Any interaction with SCP-XXXX must be aproved by personnel of level-3 or higher.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 1m x 1m x 5m cardboard box large enough for an average child or small adult to fit inside. SCP-XXXX does not contain any materials besides standard cardboard.

When a sentient subject enters SCP-XXXX, they remain physically and psychologically unaffected until the cardboard flaps are sealed behind them. Upon the box being completely closed off, subjects have said to feel a desire to "play". If at any time the subject begins to partake in playing pretend, they will be physically effected by the make-believe environment. The subject alone will be affected by any changes inside SCP-XXXX. The box and outside environment will not change no matter what the circumstances of what goes on inside SCP-XXXX

Test subjects will be oblivious to any of the changes from SCP-XXXX, no matter how painful or agitating these effects might be. The subject will continue to remain unaware of these changes up to the point of death no matter how severe their injuries become. When subjects are inflicted with disabling injuries or changes from SCP-XXXX they have been observed to become highly flustered about their inability to function as normal.

Addendum: Circumstances of Retrieval: SCP-XXXX was retrieved from a suburban home in ████, California, on 12/02/████. SCP-XXXX was discovered when a six year old caucasian male was found dead from asphyxiation inside SCP-XXXX. Traces of salt water were found in the victims lungs. The Foundation took notice of this incident when the parents were found ranting about the mysterious circumstances of their child's death online, claiming the influence of "demons" and "black magic" being involved. The mother claimed the child was playing submarine inside and was not left unattended for more than a minute at a time.

Test A - 12/19/████

Subject: D-8867
Procedure: Subject D-8867 was provided with a toy Wii steering wheel, broken accelerator pedal, and photographs of parking lot-██ of site-██. D-8867 was told to enter SCP-XXXX with the provided items and act as if they were driving in the parking lot-██ of site-██.
Results: Approximately 30 seconds after the start of the test, contact with subject D-8867 was lost. Upon the reopening of SCP-XXXX subject D-8867 was found dead with about a dozen 5.56mm rounds fired into their body. Subject D-8867 was not spotted in any of the surveillance footage from outside site-██ and none of the guards on duty reported anything of suspicion in the perimeter, or discharged their firearms during the time of the testing.
Analysis: SCP-XXXX does not seem to effect the outside world no matter how similar the [DATA REDACTED] is to [DATA REDACTED].