Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

Instances of SCP-XXXX are to be held in humanoid isolation chambers and provided with needs typical for this type of SCP. Instances may be neutralized on the discretion of authorized personnel. Personnel are NOT to engage in any communication with instances of SCP-XXXX under any circumstances.

As of June 31st 2017, all experiments and investigations into the nature of SCP-XXXX have been strictly forbidden.


SCP-XXXX instances present as typical humans. No anomalous behavior has been observed.

Note: Following these transcripts Dr Mesota confronted the director, demanding the immediate release of all instances of SCP-XXXX. During this conversation Dr. Mesota became increasingly irate, screaming, and ultimately attempted to enter into a physical confrontation with the director. Dr. Mesota was subsequently detained by security personel. Review of the logs and subsequent increasingly eratic bahavior lead to the decision that Dr Mesota had most likely been "infected" with SCP-XXXX during his research. Dr Mesota was subsequently neutralized per order of the Directory.

A review of agents in contact with Dr Mesota revealed two research assistants and one security agent showing similar symptoms. In particular, these three personel engaged in the fabricatoin of rumors that Dr. Mesota had been silenced, not infected. These personnel were subsequently neutralized to prevent the further spread of SCP-XXXX. Agents and researchers that have been known to be in close contact with Dr. Mesota and these researchers are to be indefinitely placed under watch for signs of infection.

These transcripts, and this note, have been left as a warning for other researchers that seek to continue Dr. Mesota's research.