Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

WARNING: Under no circumstances is the use of force, or threat thereof, to be used as a means of containing SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX is to be held under voluntary containment in a minimum security facility suitable for human inhabitation, currently Site N-387. Under no circumstances is the internet access, newspapers, or other sources of outside agitation to be granted to SCP-XXXX . SCP-XXXX is to attend counseling, be given antidepressants, and undergo self control therapy as prescribed. Consult with the current psychologist on duty in the event of any confusion.

SCP-XXXX is accepting of minor mistakes and issues outside SCP personnel's control. However, failures of duty resulting from negligence or laziness may result in severe consequences. SCP personnel are to show restraint in what information that is shared with SCP-XXXX, particularly if that information is of a negative nature. Lying to the subject outright is discouraged. Deliberately speaking ill of another person in front of SCP-XXXX will be considered a crime equivalent to murder or attempted murder, and will be punished appropriately.

In the unlikely event SCP-XXXX attempts to break containment assigned agents are to politely coerce SCP-XXXX to return. Failing this, personnel are to allow SCP-XXXX to leave if absolutely necessary as a breach represents an acceptably low risk compared to that of a failed attempt at recovery. In the event of a breach, SCP-XXXX is to be considered a Threat Level 1 (monitor, do not engage).

Addendum XXXX -1: Any person that is likely to come into contact with SCP-XXXX is to receive additional sensitivity training. Suggesting that SCP-XXXX use their power intentionally is strictly forbidden, even if in jest.


SCP-XXXX presents as a typical human male of Southeast Asian descent named Michael Kieu, born April 1992. Subject ages normally. When SCP-XXXX is presented with a source of moderate to severe agitation, typically of the human variety, this agitation source will be immediately removed from SCP-XXXX's vicinity with no apparent cause. To date, no known attempts to locate a source of agitation affected by SCP-XXXX have been successful.

This effect currently appears to require no voluntary action on SCP-XXXX's part, and typically occurs much to the subject's immediate dismay. After each occurrence the bar required for activation appears to diminish slightly. The result is an increasing instability in SCP-XXXX's powers when not properly controlled.

Owing to the self perpetuating destabilization effect that results from usage and the subject's reaction to incidents, testing the extent, nature, and requirements for activation of SCP-XXXX's power has proven difficult. What we do know is SCP-XXXX is capable of affecting objects and people remotely, requiring no direct contact. Observation also suggests that, as of this document's creation date (10/10/2012), only moderate agitation or annoyance is required to activate this ability with no conscious effort on SCP-XXXX's behalf. SCP-XXXX's history suggests that their power can be activated voluntarily by making a direct statement, but this phenomenon has not been observed and would be perilous to attempt to test.

SCP-XXXX displays a great deal of regret for the people affected. This regret, combined with antidepressants and counseling, has reduced recent incidents to nearly 0, despite the lowered bar for activation.

Due to the modest danger posed by SCP-XXXX, personability, and desire to be helpful it is the council's recommendation that SCP-XXXX's care be used as an introduction for new SCP foundation personnel. SCP-XXXX's care shall primarily be a first assignment for security level 1 and B class personnel.

Note: Older documents erroneously report SCP-XXXX as a type green. This is an inaccurate assessment as SCP-XXXX's powers are limited by neither perception nor proximity. This clearly distinguishes SCP XXXX from typical type greens.

**Addendum XXXX-1*: On 10/19/2015 an agent assigned to SCP-XXXX , one Thomas Mayton, suggested to SCP-XXXX that they deliberately use their power to get rid of some of the more dangerous SCPs. We have, as of yet, been unable to ascertain Agent Mayton' whereabouts or even confirm their continued existence.

All attempts to contact Agent Mayton's locator beacon (local, interstellar, and [REDACTED]) have failed. Without further leads I have no choice but to call off the search. This brings an unfortunate end to the previous 7 years and six months without incident. It is my recommendation that all personnel that are likely to come into contact with SCP-XXXX undergo sensitivity training going forward, and not just personnel directly assigned to SCP-XXXX's care.

Addendum XXXX-2: Yesterday (2/13/2018) agents of ████ made an attempt to kidnap SCP-XXXX , likely for the purposes of weaponization. It is likely these agents had incomplete information regarding SCP-XXXX as, unsurprisingly, these agents were quickly removed from the premises by SCP-XXXX.

What was not expected is the fact that not a single trace of the organization ████ remains. Excluding spies, who were untouched, all ████members seem to have been affected by SCP-XXXX's powers. It is unclear whether SCP-XXXX has always had this capability or whether their power has grown along with the instability. Restraint in containing SCP-XXXX is advised.